As a marketing platform, Facebook has flourished to lofty heights since its launch with over 1.11 billion Facebook users, it is a natural hot bed of consumers who can be marketed to via Pages and advertisements.

Facebook marketing is becoming an extremely important topic in today’s business world. In fact, 39% of respondents to a survey carried out by SocialMediaDD said they planned to spend money on Facebook marketing in 2012 alone.

As different forms of social networking take shape, Facebook remains at the top of the food chain, dishing out effective services and real, measurable success to both offline and online businesses across the globe.

How important is Facebook marketing?

Currently, Facebook is the largest U.S publisher for all forms of display ad impressions with Yahoo and Microsoft trailing in its hazy blue wake.

Facebook is an excellent way to reach new customers, clients and users on a personal and professional level. The platform gives you and your business the chance to engage with your target market on a level which has never been possible before. So, just what are the best Facebook marketing techniques?

1. Know your target market

As with all forms of offline and online marketing, your first step should always be to identify your target market. To maximize returns for your business, you’ll need to understand why you are doing the marketing in the first place, and to whom you are marketing to.


Once you begin to define your marketing goals, and develop a solid, corresponding strategy, you will certainly see an increase in Facebook likes, shares and general fan engagement across your page or group. Find out what your fans are interested in, keep it relevant to your business, and market.

2. Balance the regularity of your posts

One of the worst, and unfortunately, the most common practises of Facebook page owners is to post irregularly, and sometimes not at all. Posting ten updates within the first day of your page opening, and never posting again, is not a good way to attract likes and engagement. Space out your posts and updates in a balanced fashion. Establishing a posting schedule for Facebook would be a great idea.


By ignoring your Facebook Page for weeks or months at a time, you send a message to your audience that you simply do not care too much about the page. Additionally, ensure that you don’t post updates too regularly. Too many updates in a short space of time can drive fans and followers away out of sheer annoyance.

3. Engage with your fans

If a fan, follower of customer takes the time to comment on your Facebook page, it is vital that your answer them helpfully, and promptly. When it comes to phone calls, emails and other types of messages, we all endeavour to respond to clients and customers in a timely fashion. Facebook should be no exception.


Failing to respond well will damage your relationship with that particular user, and also demonstrate your lack of helpfulness to all of your other followers.

4. Use Facebook Ads

Paid Facebook advertising is a great opportunity for any business. Facebook enables you to target your audience for your ads in a variety of ways. In fact, many online advertising programs pale in comparison to the sheer depth of the Facebook ad customization and optimization. You can specify the age group, gender, and geographic area of those that will see your ads. Also, you can specify the specific interests of your audience as broadly or as narrowly as you’d like.


What’s more is, Facebook Ads allow you to set a bid price and campaign budget, and test as many ad images, headlines and ad copy as you wish. If you decide that your campaign just isn’t working, you can stop the advertising campaign immediately, thus lowering your risk of overspending.

5. Make use of your cover photo

Your Facebook cover photo is essentially a space for some free advertising. Your cover photo is the first thing your page visitors see, and thus it can be extremely beneficial, if used correctly.


You should use your Facebook cover photo to promote your latest sales, discounts, contests and other general services or products your business might be providing. Ensure that the image is clear, concise and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Use images effectively

On Facebook, a picture is worth far more than a thousand words. Images – particularly funny ones, have been the No. 1 driver of engagement on a page since Facebook launched. Images drive engagement more than links, video, and standard text updates or statuses. In fact, posts featuring a photo album or picture can generate two times more engagement than other post types.


Funny, well thought out images can be gold mines in terms of likes and shares, both of which will drive user engagement and get your Facebook page more likes and views.

7. Run contests

Everybody loves a contest. Facebook Contests are a great way to bring some fun to your Facebook page, and can help boost your page likes, grow your email list and even indirectly promote a product or service that you happen to be offering.


Your contest ca be entered by simply liking your page, or signing up to an emailing list, whilst the winner can claim a prize, or even a Facebook based acknowledgement of some kind. All in all, running regular contests gives people a reason to like your page, and an even better reason to stick around.

8. Understand Facebook Page Insights

After your Facebook page receives over 30 likes, you will automatically be able to view your Facebook Page insights at the top of your business page. These insights display user likes over time, engagement, shares, viral potential and more.


Getting to know these metrics are hugely important, allowing you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your Facebook marketing strategy. Once you get an idea of what works, and what doesn’t work, you can begin to build your marketing techniques accordingly, for maximum results.


Adding a new dimension to your business by actively using Facebook is vital. However, being able to market your brand or product effectively is even more important for online success. Failing to implement any kind of marketing strategy could very well leave your Facebook page redundant. When it comes to Facebook, your marketing its almost as important as your security.

The 8 Facebook marketing tips above will surely set you on your way to gaining more likes, engaging with more users, and reaping more rewards from your Facebook page.