Sometimes, we all have a little too much on our plates. Meeting an important deadline on the same day as your dental appointment can get hectic, especially when you need to drag yourself across town to pick up your dry cleaning before closing.

Luckily, there is a huge range of to do list apps online to help you get things done and get them done on time.

Naturally, such a huge selection of to do list apps causes as many problems as it does solutions. Separating the comprehensive and effective apps from the less promising ones is a brand new chore within itself. But instead of adding that to your to-do list, check out our list of the very best to do list web apps.

What makes a good to-do list app?

Not so long ago, notebooks and old scraps of paper were the standard mediums for our to-do lists. However, with the explosion of the Internet and all its fancy applications, the logical and practical move to digital, Web-based to-do lists has proven to be beneficial for almost everybody.

A good to-do list app has to be easy to read and modify. There is no use creating a list, only to then have trouble accessing or adding to it later on in the day. Other factors such as good design, friendly user interfaces, and cloud-based services also help make the app smoother and more useful to use.

1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist has a pretty, intuitive and easy to use UI, which you can change the skin of easily to suit your taste. Users can enjoy a range of options, including categorizing, prioritizing, setting due dates, notes and even multi-device syncing with the cloud. That means that you can access and modify the very same list from your laptop, mobile phone and tablet.


However, Wunderlist lacks the ability to organize your tasks in terms of importance, Neither does it offer a full calendar view or calendar integration. But with a completely free price tag, Wunderlist certainly packs a powerful punch to any competing to do list Web app. For a deeper insight, check out our in-depth review of Wunderlist.

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2. Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is an extremely popular web application which is great for organizing and presenting your to-do list in a simple, easily accessible fashion. It can integrate into Gmail, Outlook, and other apps and allows you to create an unlimited number of task lists, which can be prioritized, tagged, have notes added and more.
Additionally, Remember the Milk has some excellent sharing features along with an advanced notification system, which allows you to set a timer or alert on certain tasks. Some advanced options for Remember the Milk do require a Premium subscription, but most of the features are thankfully free to use.

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3. Toodledo

Keeping tabs on your own personal to-do list is relatively easy, but what about when you need to call in members of your family or workforce to help get tasks done quickly and effectively? Toodledo offers a brilliantly simple solution.


Users Toodledo, you can categorize tasks by importance level, edit already existing tasks and create a customized “hot list” to keep track of important issues. But the best feature o offer is by far the sheer simplicity of collaboration. Users are able to invite others to their workspace instead of sharing tasks or projects. The result is one collaborative space where a group can view, list and update all to-dos, rather than having to be informed via other means.

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4. Do It Tomorrow

Do it Tomorrow is a simple, yet cleverly designed to do list app for those of us who have a more straight-forward schedule. In fact, Do It Tomorrow is about as simple as a normal notebook, but obviously, has some added extras. The user interface is made up of two columns, one for tasks to do today, and the other for tasks to do tomorrow. Anything you don’t complete today will automatically get moved to the tomorrow column, saving you time along the way.


Despite its simplicity, the interface is elegantly designed, with a coffee stain to add some reality to the app. While Do It Tomorrow is a great solution for small, simple task management if you need to keep track of advanced projects and deadlines, this free to do list app is probably not complex enough for you.

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5. TuexDuex

With an ironically creative name, Teuxdeux is a task manager that is completely and utterly minimalist. It’s clean, crisp design is easy to handle, and comes with a list view and a calendar view.


With the limited functionality and simple design, you can get up and running quickly. It does lack collaboration, note fields, categorization, and other features you may need, but it does, however, sync with the cloud, allowing you to access your to-do list from a mobile device. This is a nice bare-bones solution that could work well for more simple tasks.

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6. Flow

The first thing that stands out about Flow, is its polished, beautiful UI design, which makes it a joy to use. This app is more than a simple task app to track your to-do list. It has advanced collaboration ability, allowing you to assign tasks to other users, and work with your team by inviting them to view the tasks you have laid out.


Flow also helps cut down on your need for long-winded email or text discussions by including a commenting system. Flow is made to track both your personal and work projects in one application and keeps them separate via a complex grouping system.

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7. Astrid

Astrid is fantastic to do list app for those making the transition to Web-based task applications. The easy to use interface is a great way to jump onto the to do list bandwagon. The free Web app comes with preset lists that are easy to modify and set up for personal and work related tasks.


Users can tweak each of their task lists to prioritize and repeat tasks and even categorize them via a number of different grouping systems. Additionally, Astrid provides users with a system for to invite their friends or colleagues and assign jobs. In turn, Astrid sends weekly completion updates, and the service even offers timely compliments and messages upon task completion.

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8. Todoist

When it comes to simplicity in terms of design, and comprehensive in terms of functionality, Todoist is the market leader. This useful, fast and easy to use task manager has a clear interface design and integrates with various browsers, email apps, and operating systems. Tasks are organized by project type and can even be color coded. It’s a simple task-based web app that you can get up and running quickly for free.


Task lists can be grouped into filing systems, which comes equipped with its own search bar, ensuring that every list you make can be received with ease. Paid plans exist, but the free option offers everything a standard task manager needs.

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With these excellent to do list Web apps, you’ll never struggle to get things done ever again. A ridiculously busy schedule is no match for these task managing experts, so you can wave goodbye to forgetting about your library book due date or your pet’s vet appointment.

These 8 excellent to do list apps are all capable of quickly, easily and securely listing your tasks in a way which is easy to read and modify, with some even giving you the ability to view your tasks from a mobile device, making task management easier than ever before.