Gmail attachment hacks

I’m a huge fan of Google apps and web services, and I’m an even bigger fan of automating as much of my workflow as possible.

Since many of us virtually live inside Gmail and Google Drive, these two cool tricks for saving email attachments might be very useful for you.

I will show you how to automatically save any image attachment in Gmail, or selectively save any attachment in Gmail, to Google Drive with the help of a fellow techie.

Save image attachment automatically

Through the use of a script that runs quietly in your Drive account you can automatically save any image attachment received in Gmail to a specific folder in Drive.

This small script has been made available by Amit Agarwal. To get it running, open the script in Drive and make a copy of the script in your Drive account.

Go to “File/Make a copy.”


After copying the script you need to authorize it to run. Go to the “Run” menu and select “Authorize.”


Grant access to Google on the next screen and the script is ready to run.


To run the script go to the “Run” menu again and select “StartProgram.”


The script is now running in the background, and you can safely close the script file.

From you Drive account you should see a new folder called “Gmail Images.” The script will now process any new conversation threads in Gmail and save images to this folder.


Just be aware that it will save images automatically and if you receive a lot of image attachments you could fill your Drive quota without realising.

If you would prefer to an easy way to selectively save any attachment to Drive read on.

Quickly save any attachment to Gmail

This trick, also created by Amit, uses labels in Gmail to send attachments to Google Drive.

Log into you Drive account and open this document and save a copy.


Click on the “Gmail” menu and select “Initialize” to authorize the sheet to run in your account.


Then go to the “Gmail” menu again and select “Run.” It’s now running in the background.

The sheet will check your mailbox every two minutes and if it finds an email labeled “GoogleDrive” it will send the attachment to Drive.

So all you need to do is create the label called “GoogleDrive” in Gmail, and add it to any email with an attachment you want to save. The attachment will then be available on any device with Google Drive installed.


I hope you get use from these cool tricks. If you have any more Gmail hacks, let us know in the comments below!