The web and the Wild West have more in common than people realize – they’re both wide open expanses with unsavory individuals hiding around every corner. And the digital equivalent of a rifle and a well-trained horse? Why a security addon of course.

And if your surfing activities are important, only the best of these addons will do. Several solid security addons are available for Chrome and can make the difference between feeling exposed to knowing you’re putting up your best fight. Our guide will outline the best security addons for Chrome.

Adblock Plus

A well-known security addon that’s been popular with anyone who surfs the web for awhile now is Adblock Plus, one of the best addons for blocking annoying advertisements. Also, it can block you from visiting sites that have known malware issues and tracking cookies.

Specifically, Adblock Plus is good at blocking banners, pop-up ads, rollover ads and preventing ads from being downloaded. It also has a filter that lets you block specific ads, so you can still see ads that may interest you, as well as support the advertisers on the sites you use most often.


Download Adblock Plus


Sometimes widgets that use Flash can cause issues, quite a lot in fact, and can crash your entire browser. To solve this, the ScriptSafe Chrome app will block Flash and other scripts running on websites until you manually unblock Flash elements yourself. The Flash it blocks includes Java, JavaScript and Flash. The only drawback to this app is that it can disable some cool features on certain sites, so keep this in mind when visiting media-heavy sites.


Download ScriptSafe


This highly popular addon has two impressive abilities – it will block Flash like ScriptSafe and it can stop YouTube videos from playing automatically. It does offer a “whitelist” however where you can allow Flash to run on specific websites.


Download FlashBlock


Another important aspect of internet security is preventing tracking by other web sites. From Facebook to Twitter, they’re all guilty and this addon blocks third party tracking cookies.

It also offers secure Wi-Fi optimization to keep your PC safe when logging onto various networks, and it will block scripts as well as prevent sidejacking; when a hacker finds out your personal info by hacking into your cookies. This great addon also offers a sleek GUI – a toolbar menu that lets you turn on/off Flash and other tracking settings easily.


Download Disconnect

HTTPS Everywhere

Another type of security addon that’s important is one that only directs you to secure sites, or makes them secure for you, and HTTPS Everywhere is the best addon to make this happen. The app makes sure every site you connect to is via a secure connection, i.e., a SSL connection. If it’s not secure, it will alert you. And it will also make a non-secure site secure by changing “http” sites into “https” sites, as well as a whitelist, so you can allow certain non-SSL sites you trust.


Download HTTPS Everywhere

Web of Trust

Think of it as the Hitchiker’s Guide to bad websites. This addon ranks websites by reputation, which is determined by the input of its 800,000+ users. And when coming upon a suspicious site, it will let you know if it has had malware issues in the past or if it has a high number of tracking cookies. It won’t block bad sites altogether, but it will flash a warning message letting you know a site is suspicious.

And this addon works by inserting either a green, red or yellow icon next to the website in your search results and it will work in searches in Google, Bing and Yahoo.


Download Web of Trust


Sometimes you just need to surf the web completely anonymously, and TunnelBear is one of the best Chrome addons for VPN (Virtual Private Network). Once you download the software, it will act as an encrypter of your internet traffic and as an IP address blocker, making it impossible for anyone to follow you or even know it is you. It also keeps your Wi-Fi connection secure. And the interface of this addon is extremely minimalistic, making it perfect for anyone new to using web security tools.


Download TunnelBear


Staying secure online is a never-ending process, but it doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. With the future comes better and more powerful addons, and apps like these definitely help. While having all of them aren’t necessary, having a few of the big ones installed, especially an ad blocker, can make a huge difference when using Chrome. If you also use Firefox occasionally as well and are concerned about your security, here’s a post outlining the best 18 security addons for Firefox.