The latest experimental build of Dropbox (version 2.3.12) has included four new features that should give a boost to your productivity. If you can get them working!

The four new features added are:

  • Save screenshots to Dropbox
  • Move to Dropbox context menu option
  • Import from iPhoto
  • Faster upload and download speeds for larger files

Download and install here:

Lets have a closer look at the Screenshot and iPhoto import features.

Save screenshots to Dropbox

The screenshot function is only supported on Windows and Mac.

On Windows use the “Print Screen” function.

On Mac press “Command (⌘)-Shift–3” to take a shot of the whole screen. “Command (⌘)-Shift–4” and then drag the cross-hairs to take a shot of a select area. The full list of keyboard shortcuts are here.

When you do this for the first time after updating Dropbox you’ll be prompted to enable the new feature. Click “Save screenshots to Dropbox” to enable it.


Screenshots are saved to a new folder in Dropbox called “Screenshots”. And as soon as you take the screenshot the image URL will be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into your browser, email, twitter message, or anywhere you want to share it.

This feature is probably a little overdue, with other great screenshot apps already supporting sharing. And you can already save screenshots to Dropbox with Cloudshot.


Import from iPhoto

The new import from iPhoto feature is only supported on Macs with iPhoto 7 or higher installed.

Dropbox claim it will show up as a notification in your tray menu in iPhoto. But I never received a notification. After searching through the forum I discovered it can be enabled under “Preferences/Import” in the Dropbox client. But it wasn’t there for me.

So I reinstalled Dropbox and there it was. Click “Import Photos from iPhoto” to get started.


From the following screen click “Import Photos to Dropbox” to enable the feature. This screen will also tell you how many photos it will import.


Once enabled Dropbox will start importing your photos. Photos are uploaded to a folder called “Camera Uploads.”


This feature will also work with Aperture since it shares the same library as iPhoto. Plus Dropbox will give you an extra 3GB of space when enabled.

Move to Dropbox

The third feature that has been announced gives you the option to move any file or folder to your Dropbox folder via a contextual menu.

Just right-click on a file or folder outside of Dropbox and select “Move to Dropbox.”

I would love to show you a screenshot of this feature but it’s just not working for me. Even after reinstalling it four times. I guess that’s why they call it experimental!

But I’m sure you can use your imagination!


These new additions (the ones that work anyway!) are great for regular Dropbox users. And hopefully they’ll be included in a stable release very soon.

Download Dropbox Experimental Build 2.3.12