There are two registry items we can create to add a copy to folder and move to folder item to the Windows right-click menu. This will launch a popup every time it’s chosen that lets you choose where to copy/move the file/folder to without having to drag and drop like you normally would.

Take a look at manually editing the registry yourself or download our pre-made tweak files at the bottom of this page.

Manually edit the registry to copy and move files

Open “regedit” from the Start menu and find the following key. Quickly open this location in the Registry Editor with RegJump.


To add these two entries, we need to make the proper names as new keys. Right-click the “ContextMenuHandlers” key and choose “New > Key.”


Make this new key twice in the same folder and name them “Copy to” and “Move to” like below.


Open one of the newly created folders and double-click the “Default” string to edit it.


Enter the following for the “Value data” in each corresponding folder.

Copy to:



Move to:



To quickly add these two keys without monkeying around in the registry, consider making the file yourself or downloading a pre-made one at the bottom of this page.

Launch a registry file to make the changes

Automate the above task with a registry file that can be quickly merged with the existing registry.

Open a text editor and save the two following strings as separate “.reg” files.

Copy to:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Move to:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Run the resulting file and accept the merge and completion prompts to successfully create what we did in the first steps.

Using the new menu items

The result is effective without a reboot or log off. Right-click any folder/file to view the new items.


A prompt will display for either option with the only difference being the word Copy or Move in the window.



Adding these two items to the right-click context menu is very simple and can make moving things around much quicker than opening multiple Explorer windows to do the same thing. Consider cleaning up this menu with ShellExView for a much cleaner experience.

Download the registry files