Aviary Logo If you need an easy way to create, edit or manipulate images online right within your browser, Aviary Firefox Addon can be a very handy tool. This addon is based on the popular Online Image Editing Suite – Aviary.

Aviary Addon in action:

Aviary Firefox addon enables you to take either “full screen”, “visible portion of page” or “select region” screenshots. Once installed you would be able to take screenshots in different 3 ways.

Access it via the Menu bar options:

This is the most detailed of the options. As we can see below the basic options for screen capture are listed at the very top. The Menu Bar options also provide a quick access to the various Image editors provided by Aviary.com, each one has unique features and are very powerful Image editors.

Menubar options for Aviary Firefox plugin

Access it via the Aviary Button:

To the left of the address bar the Aviary button is displayed that is a shortcut to basic function of taking screenshots. If you click on the button itself it would immediately take a screenshot depending upon the options you have selected in the Addon settings.

The Aviary Button Options

Access it via the Right Click Options:

When you right click on an image or anywhere within the browser, you get various options for taking a screenshot in the right click context menu. If you need another option to edit the selected image on the aviary Image editors are also present.

Right Click Context Menu for Aviary Firefox Addon

Taking a Screenshot and Saving it:

Using any of these three options once you take a screenshot, Aviary lets you save it on your computer hard drive or upload it to your Aviary account, copy it to the clipboard or edit it directly in one of the Image editors. It also shows you the pixel area selected, so as to make it easy to take precise screenshots. That’s another great feature.

Save your Screenshots

Various options to save your screenshot via Aviary.

Various Options to save the Screenshots via Aviary

Aviary Firefox Addon Settings:

The addon gives options to change the location of the Aviary button. It can be placed on navigation bar or the status bar, or you can choose not to display it at all. The option to change the default action of the Aviary Button is also present. If you regularly use a specific editor on Aviary it gives you the option to select the default editor.

Aviary Firefox Addon options

Our take on Aviary Firefox Addon:

If you are a blogger, designer or a regular internet user who has to take screenshots or edit images regularly, Aviary is an indispensable addon for you. The ability to take screenshots is provided by other addons as well, but the Image Editors that come into play with Aviary are simply superb which makes it the best addon in this category.

Let us know what you think about this addon and if you have any other addons that might be in the same league.