You can never be too safe online. When you’re browsing the web, being vigilant goes a long way in keeping your personal information safe. While browsing privately and having an anti-virus program running on your PC helps, there are hundreds of add-ons you can use to beef up your security instantly. This is especially true with Firefox.

While hundreds of security add-ons have been made just for Firefox, how to find the best ones? We’ve pinpointed seven of the most popular add-ons, and noted why they are so great. We’ve listed our favorite Chrome Security Extensions before, and the ones for Firefox are just as good. Our guide will outline seven outstanding security add-ons that make browsing in Firefox much safer.

Recommended Firefox security add ons


A popular security add-on with over 800,000 users, Ghostery is the must-have add-on for Firefox for anyone who wants to protect their privacy online. This handy add-on can see the invisible web, which is becoming annoyingly more prevalent these days. It can detect trackers, web bugs and website beacons and it also blocks scripts.


One of the coolest features of the add-on?  It can stop social buttons from loading automatically, thereby greatly speeding up page load times.

Download Ghostery

AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is long considered one of the best security add-ons for any browser, and the over 15 million Firefox-users who have downloaded the app are testament to its popularity. This add-on gives you full control over blocking ads, from blocking scripted ads to pop-up ads from appearing when you visit a specific site. It can even block Java, which is quite a feat.


Download AdBlock Plus

NoScript Security Suite

This security add-on makes it possible to allow active content from only sites you trust. It essentially lets you preview all scripts and where they’re coming from before you view them. While this may seem similar to AdBlocker, it’s also capable of blocking XSS and preventing Clickjacking attacks. Right-click any image to view scripts.


Download NoScript Security Suite


This is the go-to security add-on for removing tracking cookies, and it works beautifully. It gives users the ability to block Flash-based cookies from Google, YouTube and eBay. Such “super-cookies” that are becoming more common, and track users long-term.


Update: This Add-on is removed from Mozilla Add-ons by its author.

Download BetterPrivacy

DoNotTrackMe: Online privacy protection

Another security add-on popular with all browsers is DoNotTrackMe, another handy tool to block online tracking. It can block both ads and cookies and prevent pesky data collection, which makes so many users a bit paranoid nowadays.


A particularly nice feature about this add-on is that is works inconspicuously in the background and doesn’t pop up constantly. It is accessed via an icon in the toolbar.

Download DoNotTrackMe

Bitdefender QuickScan

Sometimes having an in-browser antivirus scanner can come in handy, and the Bitdefender QuickScan is one of the best available. It lets you quickly scan your computer for malware and will deliver results in a matter of seconds, which is critical when dealing with a serious malware problem.


This add-on, however, does not remove viruses. It will only recommend certain products to do so. Just click the icon for the add-on in your toolbar and a tab will open where your scanning results will be displayed.

Download Bitdefender QuickScan

WOT – Safe surfing

Another extremely popular security add-on is the WOT – Safe Surfing add-on for Firefox. Standing for “Web of Trust,” WOT shows you which websites you can trust based on the feedback of the millions of users who use this add-on.


The add-on is accessed via the toolbar and neatly displays traffic light icons letting you know if the site is safe or not.

Download WOT – Safe Surfing

Will these add-ons keep you safe?

Being safe online is a never-ending process, with new threats popping up all the time. However these solid seven add-ons are some of the best weapons at your disposal as a Firefox-user to keep many threats at bay.

Besides, if you are on the lookout for a well-reviewed browser that looks and feels like Firefox, and comes with enhanced security features, check out Comodo IceDragon. It is a great alternative browser for Firefox.