Within the general settings of your iOS device, lies the ability to enable and disable a variety of iOS keyboards. Most allow you to type in different languages, whilst others offer fun Emojis.

The iOS keypad allows you to run multiple keyboards at once, enabling you to quickly and easily switch between a number of different languages if necessary. Additionally, iOS exclusive Emojis can help to illustrate points and add some emotional context to your text messages, emails, and social media updates.

How to add multiple iOS keyboards

The first step to adding multiple iOS keyboards is to access your Settings app. Once there, scroll downwards to find the “General” section of your iOS settings. Within the general settings, scroll down once again to locate the “Keyboard” section.


Within the keyboards settings, you will need to yet again tap the “Keyboards” tab, which will reveal the keyboards you currently have running. By default, this will either be English (US) of English (UK).

To add a new keyboard to your current list, tap “Add New Keyboard.”


You may then select from a variety of different languages and dialects, ranging from Arabic to Vietnamese. You can then choose between the keyboards by tapping on whichever one you desire. The Emoji keyboard, which is the only keyboard not based on a language, is also listed here and can be selected like any other keyboard.

Once you have made your selections, the previous keyboard settings screen will list your running keyboards once again.


Now, if you head back over to your keypad, you will now notice a globe icon located at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen. By tapping this icon, your new keyboard will appear, allowing you to input your text or images.


To disable your newly selected keyboards, head back over to the keyboard settings, and tap “Edit.” The option to delete your keyboards will present itself, allowing you to quickly and easily return to the default iOS keyboard, which would be a form of English only. Additionally, you can re-order your keyboards, dragging your preferred one to the top of the list. This will enable that keyboard to display automatically, without needing you to press the globe icon.

Once you have finished deleting or ordering your keyboards, hit “Done” to save your settings.


Plain old multilingual fun

For those of you who speak another language, and wish for the option to communicate in other tongues across iMessage, Twitter, Facebook and so on, then adding multiple iOS keyboards is certainly something you should consider.

Equally, for those looking to spruce up their emails or text messages, adding the Emoji keyboard opens up a new dimension of communication, thanks a plethora of smileys, icons, and comical images.