Organize multiple email accounts in a stunning display with Aol’s ALTO Mail. The service is currently in beta, and you need an invite to sign up. However once you’re in, you’ll find it to be visually appealing with very easy navigation – giving a feel somewhat of a touchscreen tablet.

There are some useful and relatively new features ALTO Mail offers, some of which we’ll cover below. These include message snoozing and placing emails in folder stacks for better email management.

Organizing multiple email accounts made easy

An overview of features

Before we look at a few of these, here are some noticeable features of ALTO Mail:

Multiple accounts: Add different email accounts to view together in one window, with support for manually entering server details.

Message snoozing: Get future reminders of any message, to bring it to your attention when you’re free.

Instant searching: Search for mail across all accounts at once, instantly.

Stack emails: Messages can be organized into what’s known as stacks, which are groups of similar messages. This can be done manually or automatically, with an option to skip the Inbox altogether.

Social media: View Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin updates.

Adding Accounts to ALTO Mail

Note: ALTO Mail is currently in private beta, so you can only login if an invitation has been sent to you. Request an invite here. I received the invite within 24 hours after I made a request.

After logging in, choose the add button from the left side to add additional email accounts. Add any IMAP account with the button to the far right. You also have the option to add more popular services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.


The compose window is beautifully designed. All the standard options are present, and you can quickly choose which email account to send from, before or after the content has been entered.


The second item on the menu represents “All Inboxes,” which combines the inbox contents of every account that’s setup.


Better email management

Hover the mouse over any message to reveal a clock icon. Clicking this will give options for snoozing a message.


Snoozing for 30 minutes, for example, will show the message at the top of the account when the time has exhausted. Either snooze it again or press “OK” to remove this notification and send the message back to its correct position in the account.


Click the check box next to any message or messages to show a menu at the bottom which allows you to delete, move or mark messages as read. It’s here you can select every message for batch actions.


To the right of each opened account you will see stacks of similar emails or items. The “DAILY DEALS” folder is here because there are lots of emails that come in daily for discounted items from various websites. Similarly, “SOCIAL NOTIFICATIONS,” “ATTACHMENTS,” etc. are made to make finding these groups of emails very easy.

This is something similar to Gmail’s tabbed inbox interface.


Choosing any of these will open a brilliant display of images from the emails with quick options for each.


Open the “ATTACHMENTS” stack to see every attachment in your account in one window, even with a built-in photo viewer.

You can drag any email into the new stack area at the bottom to help you find those emails easily. Click the settings icon from the this new prompt to open additional settings.


It’s here you can choose things like what sender constitutes a new email for this particular stack, what the subject needs to say to go to this stack and the name of the group.

You can even have emails automatically go to this stack, skipping the Inbox. These settings are present in every stack from their own options window by right-clicking the stack.

Perform live searches from the top right area of any window and view even more options from the “SHOW ALL RESULTS” selection.


I really enjoy the simplicity of refining a search to any particular account. The results are instant – just choose which account to search in from the small down arrow and everything shown is filtered as such.


Connect to social media

Although ALTO Mail has in-built social media access options, it’s not as functional as some other specialized services. Currently, you can just view basic updates from Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin from your inbox. It’s a good option to monitor what’s new without actually visiting the social media website.

Here’s how to get started.

Choose the “People” menu from the left side.


Select any of the three domains and login to their corresponding accounts to grant ALTO Mail access to view your data.


Select between the social networks from their icons on the top right of the “People” section. Updates will be displayed in this window but you can’t make changes to the network, just view updates.


Final thoughts

The main thing that jumps out after using ALTO Mail is the easy-to-use interface. It all blends together so well, both aesthetically and technically with multiple account access under the same hood. It doesn’t take long to get used to the email stacks, and they turn out to be very beneficial and speedy.

Visit ALTO Mail.

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