They say A picture speaks a thousand words. Any idea, may it be simple or complex, can be communicated to others much more effectively, if one uses images to put his point across.

Like everywhere else, photos, images or pictures used in a blog post can work wonders. It not only introduces the post to your reader by indicating what it is about, it also makes any article more appealing.

But images should be used carefully since many images on the web are copyrighted and can lead to unpleasant experiences, if you use them without the copyright holders permission. Asking for permission for use of each image is time-consuming.

However, a large number of images and photos on the web, are released under Creative Commons license and can be used freely.

But how to find the relevant images and make sure they are free to use? How to make sure that the images can be used without any issues later on?
Wylio is a service created to answer this question.

Find The Perfect Free Images For Your Blog Posts With Wylio:

Wylio is an Image Search Engine which only searches for Creative Commons licensed images. All the results for any query display images which are free to use. This way, bloggers can be sure they are not violating any copyright and find the correct images for their blog posts.

Wylio takes the process of finding and using the images a step further. It not only finds the image for you but also lets you adjust its size and alignment. This process makes it really easy to credit the owner of the image and you do not need to manually give credit.

Finding and Inserting Images in Blog Posts is a simple 3 step process:

1) Search for a picture –

Just input the image you are looking for and Wylio will display a large number of images for you to choose from. It also lets you know how many images does it have in its database for your search term. The website is fast and displays images quickly.

2) Resize and position it –

Once you find the appropriate image, just click on it and Wylio lets you resize and align it to your requirements. It also shows how text would wrap around the image to get a good idea of the image size to use.

Image size and alignment

3) Copy and Paste the code –

Once you decide which image you want, click on “get the code” button at top right and you can copy and paste the code in your post.

Copy and Past ethe code in your blog post

Once the code is pasted, you would see the image, in exactly the same size and alignment that you had selected on the website.

You can see a live example of this at the top of this blog post, where we used Wylio to find the relevant image for this post. It credits the owner of the image as well as lets us know that it has been found using Wylio.

The images aren’t always of the quality that you see on some stock photo websites, but they are always free to use and you can rest assured that no one would blame you for Copyright violation.

Wylio makes finding the perfect free images for your blog posts and articles super easy. If you are a blogger who spends a ton of time finding CC images for your posts, this service makes it very convenient.


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