Chrome Gets A New LogoThe Google Chrome Dev Channel is buzzing with the news about a new logo being planned for Google Chrome. The new icon has a very simple design. I always say simple is beautiful but, this time it seems, its more boring than beautiful.

The icon seems to be designed for the computer desktop. The new icon is rather plain in looks when compared to its shiny old counterpart.

This may also be a part of branding of Chrome browser for mobile devices, due in the coming months.

New Vs Old Logo – Which one is better:

New Chrome Logo vs Olf Chrome Logo

Its been a while since Google Chrome was released and since then there have been no changes in the logo itself. The browser however has gone through 10 updates and is now is in its 11th version.

The new logo first surfaced with Chrome 11.0.696.12, a developer-channel release launched yesterday to fix a number of bugs.

Why was Google motivated to change the Chrome icon? Here’s what they have to say –

“Chrome has improved significantly since it was first released in 2008. We’re working on refreshing the icon to better represent the speed and simplicity of the modern browser and operating system,” the web giant said.

Google is known for its simplicity  in design and user interface. So the Chrome icons new design seems to be in line with their usual design policy.

The icon has been updated in the Google Chrome Dev version:

If you use the developer version of Google Chrome – you can see the new logo as a part of that version.


The Chrome icons as seen on a Mac and Windows desktop:

Chrome Icons Desktop versions

There’s also a new logo for Chromium, the open source browser that powers Google Chrome:


So you have seen both the logos/icons.  When compared, the old one is more fun and bubbly and the new one is more serious and simple. Let us know which one you like better in the comments section below. Happy surfing!

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