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It can be a hassle erasing your browsing history, and even more so if you have to close your browser to do it. That is why Click & Clean has grown in reputation as being one of the finest cleaning extensions for Chrome. It can delete all of your browsing history as you use your browser.

And there are more reasons to clear your history other than keeping a lid on your privacy. Increasing the speed of your PC and freeing up more hard drive space are just a few other bonuses. Our guide will outline how to use Click & Clean, one of the most popular cleaning extensions for Chrome.

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Install Click & Clean

To use this extension, installing it is your first step, and it’s available in the Chrome Web Store here. Click to download the app by clicking “Add to Chrome,” and follow the prompts.

When finished, a red “C” icon for the extension should appear in your Chrome toolbar in the top-right corner.


Also, when it’s completed you will see a pop-up message guiding you to their quick start guide. I highly recommended checking this out. This app has *a lot* of features. The guide show you how to adjust the various settings for this app.


Using Click & Clean

Once Click & Clean is installed, the best way to access the app is to click the “C” icon in your toolbar. When you click, Click & Clean’s sleek modern interface will appear.

The color-block design of the app is a big hit with users, and the design is quite helpful in regards to navigation.


To use Click & Clean, there are three separate menus, plus a Donate menu, which are placed along the top of the GUI – “Main,” “Chrome,” “System” and “Donate.”


Under the “Chrome” menu you’ll find several links to various aspects of the browser, from a link to the “Extensions” you have installed to possible conflicts that may exist between current plug-ins.



Under the “System” menu, you’ll find links to Windows settings, making for easy access. Some users may find these quick links helpful.


Under “Main” is where you’ll find the browsing history and other features that are the main draws to this app.

You’ll find several options, such as “Securely close browser,” which clears your cache and browsing history when you close Chrome. I’ve found this function works beautifully. It deletes all browsing history as it says it does; no worries about any lingering cache lying about.


As you explore the privacy tools found under the “Main” menu, each one will bubble-out as you as you hover over each one. Just click to activate it and it will either appear in a tab or in a pop-up window.

And another popular tool is “Clear Private Data.” Just click this button once and all your private data saved from your travels will be deleted in a few seconds.


As for the biggies – the cache clearing and history clearing tools – these open in separate tabs, where a UI will load that lets you remove both of these. What’s nice about the cache clearing UI is that you can go through and delete cache individually, or you can delete all of it in a single click.


Clearing browsing history is similar, giving users full control of what is removed. You can just choose what you want to keep by unchecking the box next to the title.



When deleting cookies, Click & Clean also gives users full control in this area. Just click the green arrow to save any cookie.


Click and Clean Privacy Management

Privacy Test” is another tool included with this app. What this does it give you an overview of your internet activity, from which social media networks you’re currently signed into to your IP address.



And don’t forget you can access dozens of other features quicker using this app. Viewing your recent downloads, “Windows Disk Cleanup,” access to “Incognito” mode, as well as link to the app maker’s “Twitter” account can be found under the Main menu. And “Options,” found here as well, is where you can adjust the settings for the app.


Click & Clear really is one of the best cleaning extensions you will use and it’s perfect for Chrome-users who need to keep their browsing history secure. I’ve used a few other cleaning extensions before, such as Clear Cache and Clear History, and both set-out to do what Click & Clean does – scan your PC for bugs, delete browsing history and cookies. But Click & Clean by far does it better.

One of the best side benefits of keeping your browser history clean, a faster browser, really is a thing to behold. Read how to get Chrome speedy again by clearing your browsing data using Chrome’s built-in cache clearing tool, plus a few other cool tips.

Download Click & Clean