Google Reader Logo Google today launched an interesting new experimental feature for Google Reader called Google Reader Play. It makes the best stuff in Reader more accessible for everyone, while giving Reader users a new way to view their feeds. Since its a new feature, currently its a part of Google Labs.

Google Reader Play is a new way to browse interesting stuff on the web that’s easy to use and personalized to the things you like. Also you don’t need a Google account to browse through Google Reader Play. It will give you personalized recommendations according to the Items you like within the reader play. If you do sign in, it will show you new items pertaining to your interests. So in some ways its like Stumbleupon, which recommends you stuff based on what you have “liked”.

Google Reader Play Usage:

Google Reader Play doesn’t require any setup and you can start accessing it by visiting directly. When you use it for the first time, you are welcomed by the Get Started Screen.

Google Reader Play Initialization Screen

Once you launched the reader play you can view the RSS feeds one item at a time and each item is in full screen format with a filmstrip of previous and next items. You can click on a feed title to read the original item.

Google Reader Play - Photo View

Photos and Videos are resized automatically according to your screen resolution.

Google Reader Play - Video View

Keyboard Shortcuts:

There are a few keyboard shortcuts in Google Reader Play if you like using keyboard for navigation.

  • Left and Right Arrows to navigate to previous and Next Items in the Filmstrip.
  • Down Arrow to minimize the filmstrip and Up Arrow to bring it back.
  • You can just use the Space Key to navigate to the next item one after other.

How Google Reader Play Recommends New Stuff:

Reader Play uses the same technology as the Recommended Items feed in Reader to identify and aggregate the most interesting items on the web. If you sign in, Reader Play will also be personalized with items that people you’re following have shared in Google Reader, and items similar to ones you’ve previously liked, starred, or shared.

If you are Google reader and want to switch to Google Reader Play view you can switch by clicking on “View in the reader” option in the feed settings menu.

Switch to Google Reader Play Anytime

Do let us know in the comments below, how you like this new feature in Google reader and if you would be using it.