The Windows Mail app is one of the best overall features of Windows 8. Gmail can easily be integrated into Windows Mail no matter how many Gmail accounts you use and we’ll show you how with this guide.

Whether you use one Gmail accounts or multiple ones, Windows Mail can manage them all. Windows Mail has quickly become one of the best options for users looking to stay on top of e-mails during the day. With the lack of e-mail apps available in Windows 8, Windows Mail is a great alternative to even the unofficial Gmail apps out there.  Let’s take a look at how Gmail can be added to Windows Mail and how to get started with the process to enable Gmail to work with it.

Steps to Add Gmail to Windows Mail

Enable IMAP For Gmail

Your Gmail account will be set up as an IMAP account in Windows Mail. This is the only type of connection Windows Mail will accept in Windows 8. If your Gmail account isn’t set up to utilize IMAP connections, you’ll need to enable it.

Head to Gmail and make sure you’re logged in to the account you want to use.  You will have to repeat these steps for each Gmail account you want to add to Windows Mail.

Click on the “Gear Icon” on the right-hand side of your Gmail window, then click on “Settings.”

Go to Gmail settings

Then, click on the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab.


Scroll down to “IMAP Access.”

Ensure “Enable IMAP” is checked, then scroll down to the bottom and click “Save changes.”

Now that your Gmail account is enabled for IMAP, you can add Gmail to Windows Mail successfully.

Add Gmail To Windows Mail

Open the Windows Mail app in Windows 8.  If this is your first time using it, the only e-mail account synced to it will be your Live account that you may have created when using a Microsoft Account during the installation of Windows 8.


Then, open the Charms Bar with the “Windows Key + C” shortcut.


Click on “Settings” to open the Windows Mail settings.


Now, click on “Accounts.”


By default, Windows Mail will have your Microsoft Account login – if you’re using one – already set up.

Click on “Add an account.”


As you can see, Windows Mail lets you add just about any type of e-mail account available on the Web. Click on “Google” to install Gmail in Windows Mail.


Enter your full Gmail address, along with the password and click “Connect.”

It may take a few seconds for Gmail to validate the information and Windows Mail to accept it.  If it times out, attempt it again.  Sometimes Microsoft likes to do maintenance during the day on its Windows Live services, if this is the case, Windows Mail will time out as well the process of syncing the Gmail account.

Once accepted, your Gmail account will be imported into Windows Mail.


Depending on the size and scope of your Gmail account, this can take a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

When everything is loaded, you can begin using Windows Mail as you Gmail handler on Windows 8.

Change Gmail Settings in Windows Mail

Once your Gmail account is ready to go Windows Mail, you may want to tweak the settings to your liking.

In order to open the settings related to your Gmail account in Windows Mail, use the “Windows Key + C” shortcut to open the Charms Bar.

Then, click “Settings” and “Accounts.” Choose your Gmail account.


You’ll have to scroll down the small sidebar to go through each setting associated with your Gmail account.


You can change the account name, change your name as Windows Mail recognizes it and choose how Windows Mail checks for mail.

Scrolling down further will allow you to change the incoming and outgoing servers, as well as letting you set up a custom signature while using Gmail in Windows Mail.


You’ll also be able to remove the Gmail account from Windows Mail as necessary at the bottom of settings by clicking “Remove account.”

Is Windows Mail The Best Way To Manage Gmail?

Out of all the apps, we tested for e-mail in Windows 8, Windows Mail actually is one of the better alternatives out there. If you primarily use Gmail – and no other e-mail services – sticking with a Gmail-based app may offer more detailed functionality.

However, don’t discount the Windows Mail app for your Gmail needs simply because it’s made by Microsoft. You might be missing out on one of the better all-in-one e-mail apps for Windows 8.