+ DropboxDropbox is an awesome service to synchronize your files across various devices and platforms. Over time both its design and features have evolved, however, it can certainly work on improving on its file sharing interface and does this for Dropbox.

In a way, is a fancy new user interface for Dropbox service. If you are a Dropbox user who wants to share their files and folders with others in a better-looking user interface, you would like

Along with this, your viewers would be able to comment on your shares, you have greater control over the privacy settings for shared files, and you can see how your viewers are using your shares.

Update: The service is being redesigned. You can subscribe to their newsletter for updates.

Using to share files from Dropbox:

To get started with you would need to sign up with their service. Once you create an account, you need to connect your Dropbox account with your account.

They do not need your Dropbox username or password, as they connect to your account using the Dropbox API via OAuth. When you first connect your account, Dropbox would ask you for permission before giving access to

Connect your Dropbox account to

You may, at anytime, revoke access to your Dropbox account from either the Dropbox website, on the preferences page, however, this will disable any and all shares created from your Dropbox account.

Rich User Interface for Dropbox via

Users of are provided with rich thumbnail views for all their content, and they can actually share the content in as much of a private or public way as they deem suitable.


Sharing Files – Privately or Publically: gives an option to share any file/folder publically or privately with an easy to remember URL. Just hover your mouse pointer on a file or a folder you would be given an option to share it.

Share a File or Folder via

When you click on “Share” you are given an option to share any folder privately and publically.

image lets you define your own URLs for sharing. If you share a file in Private mode, the user who you are sharing it with would need to register with to access it. There is no such need if you share the file publicly.

Private shares are only accessible to people you invite via email, and you can see and edit who has access right from your shares list. Features:

This service doesn’t just give an awesome interface to use your Dropbox files and folder but makes sharing files easier and more fun.  To see why sharing through Views is way better than using Dropbox or any other file sharing service, check out a few of public shares by the website developer:

  • Full album in Muxtape view
  • Single audio file
  • Sharing a single picture

These links show how you can share your photos, music and various other files via this service. Music files can be played right there from the browser as well as downloaded to the PC. Photos and images can be viewed in the browser and commented on. A folder full of images instantly becomes a sleek looking gallery.

They also make it incredibly easy to maintain who can see or comment on your shares and see what exactly is being shared from your Dropbox account.

As someone who has to share files from Dropbox quite often, I really like how this service works. Dropbox is great, but this service just makes sharing and tracking of shared files and folder more convenient and better looking.


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