Easy Browser Security with Qualys BrowserCheckSecurity and Privacy studies over the last few years has concluded that browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome are the top targets for hackers.

Browsers are vulnerable due the various plugins they use and can be targeted to steal user data like banking information and email passwords. Qualys BrowserCheck scans for vulnerabilities on your browser and helps you eliminate them.

BrowserCheck is a free security tool which enables the end-user to check the state of security of the browser. The results point the user to software updates that resolve security issues and offers recommendations in case a fix is not available.

How The Qualys Browser Check Tool Safeguards Your PC:

Browsers are the most commonly used programs on the computer. Most of the times it the very first program a computer user fires up to check the email or read their favorite blog. So it makes sense when a hacker would like to target this program.

A browser by itself is a pretty secure software, but it’s the many plugins and extensions that slowly deteriorate its security level. For example, Adobe Flash often is a security nightmare, but its essential since many video sites need this plugin to play videos. Qualys makes sure, that not only is your browser is up to date but also makes sure that the plugins it uses are updated.

Even though browser patching is very established and user awareness is growing, the basic data shows that roughly 70% of all Browser Check users were using a vulnerable browser.

Lets see how Qualys works and helps users safeguard their browsers

Qualys Browser Check Tool In Action:

To get started with Qualys, Visit the Qualys BrowserCheck Tool page. It’s very easy to use and has a short runtime (15-20 seconds) for its browser scan test.

The tool automatically detects your browser and its version and asks you to install the Qualys BrowserCheck extension for your browser.

Qualys BrowserCheck - Detects Browser Version

Install this extension for your browser. This tool is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Once installed it will ask you to run a browser check scan. Click on Scan Now to initiate the test.

Start Browser Test to scan the Browser for Vulnerabilities

Scanning your browser with Qualys BrowserCheck is the first step towards securing your browser. The next step is to review the browser scan results and follow the recommended actions to get software updates and resolve security issues.

Browser Check Scanning Results

When you’re done making updates, click the Re-Scan button to scan your browser again and verify that your browser and its plugins are current and secure.

In case of outdated version of the browser of any of the plugins, the test will indicate Red color alert. If there is an update available the alert would be shown in orange color. If everything is up to date, the alert is shown in green color (as shown in above screenshot).

For further details about how this tools works and some relates FAQ’s please visit this page.


The Qualys research data shows that only about 20% of the vulnerabilities come from the browser. All other issues are created by the plugins that are needed to run the browser.

Qualys BrowserCheck makes checking the browser for security issues very easy. It  makes sure that the software we are using is up to date and that we work in a secure environment on the PC. We highly recommend using this tool to safeguard your browser.

Visit Qualys BrowserCheck.