imageAs an Android user, you must be aware that keeping a tab on all the connectivity settings and functions can get quite troublesome. Also, keeping these settings active when they are not required may heavily drain your battery.

Managing your WIFI connection, mobile internet, Bluetooth, volume control, screen settings, GPS and other features actively is quite a handful task.

Quick Settings allows you to quickly toggle On/Off a lot of functions to make your life easier and help your mobile battery last longer.

About The Quick Settings App for Android:

Quick Settings enables quick toggling of multiple features like WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, Screen brightness and mobile data with a single touch.

The main screens also shows the current battery status and free memory on your phone and SD card to get a quick overview of your phone’s current memory and battery status.

Quick Settings Interface and Customization Options

Quite a few functions can be enabled/disabled with a single touch. You can customize the options that you require to toggle frequently and arrange them to be easily accessible. Options that you do not require can be easily hidden.

The App appearance can be set to be full screen or a dialog box through the Preferences. You can integrate the app with the status bar if your like or have it as an icon on your home-screen for instant access.

The app can also integrate with the search button and you can access it from the menu that pops up on a long press on the Search key.

Quick Settings Preferences and Volume Control Options

Volume control offers option to set the volume levels of individual features. Similarly, clicking on the battery gives details of battery consumption by the display, Android system and the UI.

Ringer can instantly set your phone profile as Silent, Sound Only or Vibration Only and both Sound and Vibration.

Quick Settings - Battery Usage Details and Ringer Profiles

Do note that touching on the buttons toggles the features On or Off while touching the feature name takes you to respective detailed settings.


Quick Settings is a must have app for every Android user. It makes your life easier, improves productivity and helps to improve your battery performance.

Download Quick Settings from Android Market:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, get one here.

Download Quick Settings - TechNorms

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