Previously, we demonstrated the process of using HandBrake to convert all types of video content to a format compatible with iPad playback, with the help of this versatile video converter. Now, we’re going to show you how to transfer these videos over to your iPad, ready for playback.

Traditionally, transferring files such as images between a desktop and an iPad have been relatively straight forward. However, the process gets a little tricky when videos are involved.

Using a simple process, you can now easily transfer video files from your desktop computer, to your iPad, iPhone or iPod. The process is safe, speedy and is carried out using Apple iTunes, which helps to ensure a smooth, seamless transfer.

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Transferring Videos to iOS Devices

Assuming that you have indeed used our HandBrake guide, you should already have some converted video and movie content ready to be transferred to your iDevice. To begin the process of transferring your videos and movies to your iOS device, make sure that the device in question is connected to your desktop or laptop, ready for syncing,

You will then need to fire up iTunes, and head over to the “Films” tab. This can be found on the left sidebar of the iTunes, within a drop-down menu which is located below the text that reads “Library”.


[Please Note: If you’re using the iTunes software in other countries than the UK you may see the “Movies” tab instead. If you have disabled this option the Movies option would not show up under the Library options. Use Ctrl + , shortcut to access the Preferences and check the Movies option]


Once you get to the Films section, you can simply drag-and-drop your converted video file into the iTunes window, along with any other videos or movies you may have already synced to your iDevice.


After a short time, iTunes will have completed the import of your converted video or movie files. Next, head over to the “iPad” button, which is located towards the top left-hand corner of the window. Please note that the name of this button will change depending on the device you are using, but its location will always remain the same.


(Alternatively, you can also access your device by clicking on it’s name in the left sidebar.) 

Then, head over to the “Films” section of your iDevice. The button will be located towards the top of the iTunes window.


The video you dragged-and-dropped into iTunes should now be viewable once again. You may then tick the box next to “Sync Films” which will automatically sync your newly added video to your iPad or iDevice.



Downloading movies, music videos, and other video content is great for when you wish to view such material via your laptop, desktop or an HDTV, but getting them on to your iPad or iDevice has often been viewed as a long, tiresome task by many Apple device users.

However, using this simple, yet effective method of combining HandBrake and iTunes, you can easily transfer almost any video file type on to your iOS device in a speedy fashion, making for quick and enjoyable viewing, even whilst on the move.

Although watching a movie on an iPad makes much more sense than an iPhone. That’s one of the reasons why we favor iPad over an iPhone.