Hi there and Welcome to TechNorms (formerly VikiTech).

Wikipedia defines Viki as “Virtual Interactive Kinetic Intelligence“, a Super Computer of the Future. Although the anagram is quite clever, unfortunately the computer was kinda evil. Luckily we are not is that business. In fact, we are the exact opposite – we are here to help!

TechNorms is about everything a person would need to enhance his experience on his computer and on the Internet. It’s about making use of cool software, new communication media and the World Wide Web i.e. the Internet in the best way possible. At TechNorms, we explore the fascinating world of Technology, Communication and the Internet with an unquenchable thirst for information.

Topics with Special Focus @VikiTech:

The image below sums up what a visitor of TechNorms can expect to learn from this blog. TechNorms aims to become “a collection of useful information” for an technology loving individual’s needs. A one stop resource to know more about the latest stuff on the Internet and related technologies.

Whats TechNorms About

I hope you would enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy writing it.

I welcome you to the journey we are undertaking, to learn new and interesting things about the Web, Mobile Platforms and Software and share it with everyone.