Snooze Your Email ExtensionToo many emails and can’t reply now? Snooze them for as long as you want and get a reminder later or have them reappear in your inbox as unread!

How many times has it happened that you marked an e-mail as unread or starred it so that you can read it later and that e-mail got lost among dozens of other e-mails in your inbox?

Snooze your e-mail, is a Chrome extension, that lets users create to do alerts or alarms for any e-mail that needs to be accessed later. It works like the alarm on our cell phones, so its usage is pretty straightforward.

Snooze Your E-mail Chrome Extension in Action:

Snooze your email currently works on Gmail and Yahoo mail. When you snooze any email message, the extension reminds you about reading it or replying to the message after a time period you specify.

How the developer describes the working of  this extension:

Instead of marking your emails as unread and forgetting about them later because your busy, just click on your email, read it, then you can decide to click the Snooze button for a couple hours or days and you’ll get either a desktop reminder for that email when you’re ready or have the email automatically marked as unread later depending on your options.

When you install the Snooze Your Email extension, you would see a new button at the top of your email inbox labeled “Snooze”. The same button would also be seen when you open any individual email message.

To set an alert for any email, just click on the button and set the time after which you would like to be reminded about it.

Snooze Your Email In Action

It has some default time values for setting reminders quickly. You can also set a specific time or day when you want to be reminded about the email.

Snooze Your Email Notifications:

At the set time the notification pops up at the right bottom corner of your computer screen.

Snooze Your Email Notification

If you are not ready to “Open” the email and reply or read the message, the extension gives you the option to snooze the alert even further for any specified time limit.

This is very handy feature. It makes it easy for us to remember to reply to any important email at any specified time. If we are not ready to read or reply to an email – just snooze it further.

Snooze Your Email options:

The extension presents certain basic options. You can disable the notifications that pop up at the right bottom corner, or just disable the sound for the notifications.

You can choose to close notifications automatically after 30 mins or let them stay on indefinitely.

If you want any email that you set a reminder for, to be kept unread, this extension can do so. Just select the 3rd option from the list. This function works only for Gmail though.

Snooze Your Email in Gmail - Options

There are a few other options, which can be selected according to your preference. The developer is open to suggestions. He added the option of Yahoo mail on user request. So if you have an idea to make this extension even better, feel free to get in tough with him.


Emails can pop up in your inbox at any time, but you can’t always reply them immediately. You might be busy with work or need to get some work/research done before you can reply.

In any case, setting a reminder for any email after a specific time period is a huge plus, especially for people who get a ton of emails every day.

In the last 1 week since I installed this extension, I have found it immensely useful. This is now a must-have extension for me and is also a feature Google should seriously consider adding to Gmail.

Update: This extension is not available on Chrome Store. Alternative link to this is given below.