Elixir System Information AppSmartphones are complex devices with different software and hardware aspects to explore. There is so much that we do not know about the Android device that we use.

If you wish to probe and know more about your device, Elixir is the perfect information app for you.

There is always a lot to know about your device such as the hardware, the CPU, internal and external memory, network, camera and other components as well as the sensors in your device and the running processes and services. Elixir gives you all the information in an elegant style.

About Elixir App For Android :

Elixir is like a single source of all the information about your device.

The app list down a number of system components and functions and you can view details about them. The below image shows few of the system components and the details that you can view on selecting battery.

Elixir App - System Options To View Details And Detailed battery Info

You can view such details for the internal and external memory, CPU, RAM, network and many more system features.

The second tab lists down the sensors present in your device. If any sensor is not a part of your device, it is displayed as not available. Selecting a sensor displays the details and specifications of that sensor.

Elixir App - Device Sensors To View Details And Detailed Sensor Info

You can toggle the sensors on/off as required.

The third tab lists the running processes and services of your system. You can get more information about any of the process or service.

Elixir App - Running Processes, Services and Detailed Process Info

This information is not something that you can frequently use but can be quite handy for those who like to know the intricate details of their system.

The Elixir Widgets:

Elixir comes with highly configurable widgets. These widgets can be set up as you like and can contain switches to toggle various functions.

Elixir App - Widget Configuration and Widgets in Action

While configuring a widget, you can select the function for each slot, name the widget, set its fresh rate, modify widget style, icons and label settings.

Multiple widgets can be configured or imported/exported. The above image shows three widgets arranged on the home screen.

Elixir Settings:

Elixir has detailed settings options. There is option to have status bar icons for battery and CPU. The application settings provide extra customization options and you can change how the application behaves on a regular click and a long click.

Elixir App - Global And Application Settings

Elixir also allows us to change the action that happens on selecting any of the widget icons. For example, I set up the ‘Mobile Traffic’ icon to launch the 3G Watchdog app instead of the default Wireless Settings.

Elixir App - Widget Settings and Tips & Tricks

Elixir can be a bit difficult to setup at first. The app has a handy Tips & Tricks section to help you in such a case.

Features of Elixir :

  • Multiple widget sizes, each can be disabled
  • Small widget icons, up to 7*7 icons per screen
  • Every widget is configurable
  • Export/import widget definitions
  • Status bar icons: Battery, CPU
  • Generate html report
  • Over 30 widget icons including switches
  • Switches to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Ringer profile, brightness, edit widget, auto-rotate, auto-sync and more.

Elixir Personal Add-On :

Elixir Personal add-on id for those who like elixir but would not like to share the personal information with the app.

Features Elixir of Personal Add-On :

  • Gmail unread count widget for multiple accounts
  • SMS unread count widget
  • Missed calls widget
  • Contact widgets.

Download Elixir from Android Market:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, get one here.

Download Elixir App From Android Market

Get From Android Market

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