Alfred is one of the best productivity applications for OS X. And I believe every Mac user should have it installed.

We gave an introduction to Alfred a few days back, showing you how it will save you time and change the way you use your Mac.

The best part about Alfred is its Workflows add-on. You can create custom workflows to perform everyday tasks with a simple Hotkey combination. The workflows can be exported and shared. So you can use some terrific workflows created by other users. Something like what we see with the IFTTT recipes.

Below are our 10 favorite Alfred workflows that you can download and use. Refer to yesterday’s Alfred introduction on how to install shared workflows if you need to.

Our Favorite Alfred Workflows

Shorten URL

This is the workflow for you if you are active on Social Networks and share a lot of URL links. It will take the highlighted URL and via a hotkey will give you the option to send it to your favorite URL shortening service.

The shortened URL will then be copied to your clipboard for easy sharing.


Shorten URL


I’m a huge fan of Evernote, so anything that speeds up my Evernote workflow will be valuable. I’m sure some of you would be Evernote users too and would appreciate this one.

This workflow is a bit complex, but lets you perform a lot of Evernote actions within Alfred. You can search notes, create new notes, see recent notes, synchronize Evernote, and more. With a little practice, you’ll be able to use this workflow like a pro.


Evernote Workflow

Weather Forecast

Being able to see the weather forecast within Alfred is a handy time saver. With this workflow just use the keyword “Forecast”.

But first, you need to set your location by using keyword “Weather”, select “Set Location” and type in your city.



Mail Actions

If you use Apple’s you can use this workflow to perform common functions without opening the app. Alfred already has some built-in mail features such as sending emails, and this workflow complements it nicely.

You can move or copy emails to different folders, show a list of mailboxes with unread messages, mark messages as read, and more.


Mail Actions


As an Aussie living overseas, and with friends and family all over the world I often need to check the time in different cities. And the easiest way to do that is with Timezones workflow.

Just use the keyword “tz” to display a list of different time zones. You can add and remove cities as you please.



Tiny PNG

From the same writer as TimeZones comes Tiny PNG. This workflow will compress your png images via

Just select the png files you need compressed and run the action “Compress with TinyPNG”. Compressed images will then be added to a TinyPNG folder on your desktop.


Tiny PNG

Kindle Bookstore

Sometimes simple is best. And this workflow is proof. Just type in the keyword “kindle” followed by the book you’re searching for. Alfred will do the rest.


Kindle Bookstore

iTunes Store

In a similar vein and from the same writer as the previous workflow, is iTunes Store. You can search the iTunes store with keyword “its” or the Mac App Store with keyword “app”.


iTunes Store

Should I Watch This Movie?

This workflow is included with Alfred. It is under the “Examples” folder when you install new workflows.

It will search YouTube, IMDB, and Rotten Tomatoes for the film you want more information on. Just use the keyword “movie” followed by the movie name.

Guitar Chord Search

This is a workflow that I have written based on the iTunes Lyric Search workflow highlighted in yesterday’s tutorial.

This workflow will take the current artist playing in iTunes and search for guitar chords on Ultimate Guitar.

Use the keyword “chords” and press Enter to search. You must have a song playing in iTunes for it to work.


Guitar Chord Search

I hope you enjoy these workflows. These are some of my favorites, and I use them almost every day to get things done faster. If you have any favorites that I’ve missed here feel free to share.