Better utilization of Android HomescreenThe number of apps that we install on our Android device is ever-increasing. Accessing these apps by browsing  through the app drawer is not the most convenient solution. A convenient options  is to add widgets or shortcuts to the homescreen.

Adding shortcuts to the phone’s homescreen is an easy way out but you will soon feel a space crunch there too. There is no dearth of customizable widget apps but not all are efficient enough to get most use of the available space.

Multicon offers highly customizable widgets that can accommodate a large number of apps and create widgets that suit you best.

About Multicon Widget Android App:

Multicon Widgets are easy to set up and it is made even simpler by the detailed “how to use” instructions provided by the developer. They guide you through all the steps involved in setting up Multicon.

Multicon Widgets App - How To Use and Widget Options

There are four options to select the widget size. These widgets can be used in various combination to accommodate a number of shortcuts on the homescreen.

After adding the widget, it can be customized to set the number of rows and columns that you want. maximum of 3 columns and 12 rows can be added per widget.

Note that increasing the columns and rows will only reduce the size of the icons while occupying the same space as occupied by a single icon on a standard homescreen. Try it out to get the icon size that suits your screen best.

Multicon Widgets App - Edit Widget and Widget in Action on HomeScreen

I have added two 1X1 widgets to the homescreen and I can already set up twice the number of icons here as compared to the standard homescreen. This number can be easily increased by tweaking the widget.

Multicon – Options and Settings:

Any installed app and shortcuts like bookmarks, direct message or latitude can be added to the widget.Multicon Widgets App - Add Apps and Shortcuts To The Widget

The other tab shows the remaining features that can be added to the widget for quick access. This mainly includes switches to toggle various features as well as an option to add a blank space to the widget.

Multicon Widgets App - Other Features and Edit Mode of The Multicon Widget

One of the most useful option here is the Edit mode. It is quite useful for quick access to the settings of the widget. The second shows Multicon in edit mode.

Multicon – Possible Setup on your Android Device:

Multicon is quite flexible to setup and lets you modify the settings as per your comfort. Below image shows my settings for Multicon.  I have used the 1X 1 widget and already have twenty four icons on the screen, still there is space for one more widget to be added.

Multicon Widgets App - A Lot Of Shortcuts Can Be Added

The widget can accommodate 144 icons of manageable size on my screen, though they are a bit small for my liking.  Multicon can manage more icons than we can add to the widget so it is advised to set a number and icon size that you are comfortable with.

Download Multicon Widget from Android Market:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, get one here.

Download from Android market

Get from Android Market

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