WebWallPaper Shortcuts If you are a computer person like me, you would know, nothing can liven up that desktop like a good looking wallpaper. Lot of people have a specific set of wallpapers that they change over a period of time. Others download them every few days and apply them manually.

What if there was a way to bypass this tiring method? What if with a single click a program would download a beautiful wallpaper automatically and apply it on the desktop automatically? The program we are looking at – WebWallPaper, does just that.

Webwallpaper provides a quick and easy way to find and set excellent wallpapers for our desktop automatically. With one click it can automatically download images from various web sites and set them as your desktop wallpapers. Its a simple program that creates shortcuts on the desktop for 3 of the best Wallpaper sites.

Currently supported web sites:

  • Random images from InterfaceLift.com – (Shows Random Wallpapers from Any Category)
  • Photo Of Day from National Geographic  – (Travel Wallpapers from NatGeo)
  • NASA Image of Day – (Displays NASA’s Image of the Day as a Wallpaper)

Install and Configure WebWallPaper:

WebWallpaper Installation Once Installed you would see 3 shortcuts for the sites mentioned above created on your desktop. Each site is an excellent source of Wallpapers and when you click on the desired shortcut within a few seconds a new wallpaper is set on your desktop.

The program is also present in the Start Menu under the Webwallpaper folder. Currently WebWallPaper works on Windows XP and Vista. In order to make it work on Windows 7, we have make a small change in the compatibility settings. This program is hosted on Google Code Project and is Open Source and safe, if you are wondering.

WebWallpaper doesn’t have any specific settings as such. Its just Click and Get kind of program. Also, it automatically determines the resolution of your Computer Monitor and downloads appropriate wallpapers.

Changing Compatibility to work with Windows 7:

To change the compatibility, just right click on the shortcut created on the desktop and click on Compatibility tab. Check the very first box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and select Windows XP from the list. Then click Ok.

Change WebWalpaper Compatibility

If you did it right , all should work well. In case there is still some trouble try and check the option “Run this program as an administrator” in the Compatibility window. That’s it. You can now have an awesome new wallpaper on your desktop with click of a button.

Example Wallpapers from NatGeo and InterfaceLift:

If you are wondering what kind of Wallpapers you can get, I have just posted a Couple of examples below.

Wallpaper from InterfaceLift:

Wallpapers Screenshot

Wallpaper from NatGeo:

Web Wallpaper 2

Let us know if you liked this software and would you like more such software featured on TechNorms.

Download WebWallPaper from Google Code.