Everyone knows the better you can concentrate, the more productive you are, but what if there’s a dog barking cross the street keeping you from writing the next great novel? Or the neighbors above you keep odd hours and love to hear loud music? If so, White Noise can work wonders to help you concentrate on your work.

This app for Chrome is exactly as it sounds – it creates soothing white noise, aimed to help your brain focus on a “better” type of noise, versus the one you can’t do anything about. While some may find white noise to be not very helpful, with practice you’ll come to appreciate how well it really works.

Let’s look at how well this app works and if it’s worth investing time in.

Installing White Noise

Like with any app, installing it is your first step. Go to the download page for White Noise and click the blue “Add to Chrome” button.


After you click, make sure to also click the “Add ‘White Noise’” button in the smaller dialog window that pops up.

The extension will install in a few seconds, and you should see the icon for White Noise in your App Launcher.


Note: This is the only way to access White Noise app in Chrome.

Filter Distracting Sounds

Using White Noise is pretty straight-forward. After opening it via the App Launcher, a new tab will open automatically bringing you to the official page for White Noise, where you can access and use this service.


It’s URL,, is where you’ll access the media player to play white noise. No audio files are ever downloaded to your computer.

When you’re brought to the app’s page the white noise will start playing automatically as well. The popular “Brown Noise” option is the noise selection you will hear.


They offer however three white noise options in total, “Brown, Pink and White noise,” but Brown Noise is by far the most popular. It has more bass, which as a whole seems to calm people better.


And if you hover your mouse over each noise, a brief description will be shown. The Pink and White noise both have more treble than the Brown noise.


And for those that are curious, the “+ Vibrato” option by the three noises might appeal to some. It’s a tweak to the original with a barely audible vibration added to the track. It may be hard to notice, but many do find the added vibrations help them concentrate even better.


And lastly, each track plays in 10 minute intervals. Some may find this annoying, having to restart it often, while others may find it works as a great productivity reminder tool, forcing them to refocus their attention.



For anyone suffering from a noisy situation that can’t be resolved, White Noise is your second best option other than taking out the noise itself. While adding the app may not be 100% necessary – bookmarking and accessing the site directly works just as good – the app is definitely nice to have if you use Chrome on a daily basis.

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Download White Noise