Keeping your bookmarks safely locked away from prying eyes is not always easy, especially if you share a computer. But with the Hush Chrome extension locking your bookmarks becomes ridiculously easy. You can save new bookmarks to have them only accessible again with a password, all done with one button on the address bar itself.

Hush only works in incognito mode, which is it’s main purpose. The goal is to enable private bookmarks while browsing privately. The setup is simple with a quick result. Let’s take a look at how to get private bookmarks working in Chrome.

Password Protect Bookmarks in Chrome

Install Hush for Chrome

Install Hush from here and then open the “Extensions” manager from the “Tools” menu. Alternatively you can just type “chrome-extension://” in the address bar and hit Enter to see the list of extensions.


Locate the Hush extension in the list and enable the “Allow in incognito” check for the Hush extension.


Password Lock Your Bookmarks

Navigate to the page that should be bookmarked and click the black lock icon near the regular star icon on the navigation bar. Now type a password.


Then click “Bookmark” to save the page.

If you’ll look, you won’t be able to find this new favorite because it’s hidden in it’s own vault apart from the regular bookmarks. Access the protected pages from the “View All” button from the same lock icon. Enter the password to open the bookmarks saved under it.


This page lets you edit, add, arrange, and remove the list of bookmarks.

This is a great way to add groups of bookmarks in one secure place. For example, if you are planning a birthday party for someone but don’t want them to see all the favorites on the bookmarks bar, use Hush to secure them all in one common location. As you add more to this place, like ours above, they will all reappear when the same password is entered.


Tips for using Hush faster

Quickly start a new bookmark group

A quick tip for starting a new group is to enter a new password from the lock icon and then press “View All.”


This will open a new group under the new password but contain no bookmarks.


You can then start adding them from the interface here instead of having to navigate to each page and add them upon every load.

Open Secure Bookmarks Faster

Enter “Hush” and then the tab key in the navigation pane to enter a password and promptly open the set of saved bookmarks.



Hush provides a super simple method of storing and securing bookmarks. The interface is minimal and effective while not intruding on your regular workspace in a non-incognito window.

Instead of just securing bookmarks, consider reading about how you can password-protect Chrome from launching altogether.

Install Hush.