Whether you’re ordering pizza or browsing rings at your favorite jewelry store website, you never have to pay full price on an item ever again, when shopping online. The latest trend in browser-based apps is coupon extensions. They are pretty useful whether you are a coupon clipper or someone looking for the best deal available.

These coupons and low-price finder extensions take the legwork out of finding lower prices and deals, so you don’t have to put in hours of research yourself to get it. There are even apps that can help you find free shipping. For anyone too busy to search and compare prices, especially parents working full-time, these browser extensions are priceless.

Our guide will outline the five best coupon extensions to save money when you shop online in either Firefox or Chrome.

Add-ons to Save Money While Shopping Online

Coupons at Checkout

Available in both Firefox and Chrome, “Coupons at Checkout” will remind, display and automatically input coupon codes into their appropriate fields when you shop/check out online. For anyone looking for the best deal possible, this app will come to the rescue right before you fork your money over. When you checkout, just click the “Coupon Code” field and the app will find any coupon codes that may be available.


Firefox: Download Coupons at Checkout

Chrome: Download Coupons at Checkout


For a coupon app that finds coupons as you shop online, “CouponsHelper” gets the job done. What’s nice about this app is that it doesn’t display the coupons unless it finds them, leaving your screen clear of clutter.

It also supports thousands of retailers and is quite brilliant at uncovering codes. And when it does find a deal, a cute pink pig icon will appear alongside the coupon notification in your address bar. This addon is available in both Firefox and Chrome.


Firefox: Download CouponsHelper

Chrome: Download CouponsHelper


The “InvisibleHand” app displays a pop-up notification in the form of a yellow bar on the top of your screen when it finds a cheaper price on a product – flight, hotel room, or an item – so you never have to overpay again.

InvisibleHand also covers 600 retailers, including the most popular chains, and it checks and compares retail prices in real-time so you know the price notifications you receive are accurate.


Firefox: Download InvisibleHand

Chrome:Download InvisibleHand


For a coupon app that does an impressive job at finding lower prices on your more weirder purposes, “PriceBlink” is a low-price-finder app that has won several awards, including the 2012 Reader’s Choice Award. Available in both Firefox and Chrome, PriceBlink will stay hidden until it finds a lower price or a àpropos coupon, however, there is a toolbar icon you can click for looking up coupons manually.

And a standout feature of this app is that it takes into consideration shipping costs when finding the lowest prices; a nice thing to have since shipping prices tend to vary widely.


Firefox: Download PriceBlink

Chrome: Download PriceBlink

Ciuvo Price Comparison

What’s interesting about the “Ciuvo Price Comparison” extension is that while it does what InvisibleHand does – helps you find the lowest price possible on whatever you’re searching for, it will also find product videos, photos, product availability and reviews for the product.

Ciuvo works by adding a toolbar to your browser, where it will display additional information found on items, helping you with making an informed purchase from every angle and in an incredibly easy way.


Firefox: Download Ciuvo

Chrome: Download Ciuvo

Shopping online is a booming industry and these extensions need to be on every shopper’s to-do list. While many of these apps do essentially the same thing, it’s a wise idea to try each of them out to find out which of them uncovers the best deals for your area.

And here’s a look at Google Shopper, an amazing Android app that finds cheaper prices on items at nearby stores, all by you scanning the barcode with your phone.