Even the best writers from among us are prone to the odd mistake. Slick Write is an online tool which helps to correct and even improve your writing on a number of levels.

Slick Write enables you to evaluate the stylistic features and potential flaws of your work, as well as giving you the ability to identify spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Interestingly, the tool gives you an insight into the structure of your content, breaking up paragraphs and sentences in a unique, informative way.

You can analyse the flow of your work, and assess some of the statistics which Slick Write provides for you. When using all the features in unison, it becomes relatively easy to turn an average piece of text, and turn it into a literary masterpiece.

Using Slick Write to Improve Your Writing Skills

To begin using Slick Write, head over to their website, and click ”Enter your own text in the editor tab”. 


You may then paste your written content into the text box provided by Slick Write.


Once you have pasted your text in its entirety, hit the ”Proofread” button which can be found along the top menu.


Slick Write will then being to critique your work, highlighting areas which can be improved. For example, Abstract words, repeated words, excessive usage of adverbs and more are all scrutinized and highlighted by Slick Write, allowing you to correct them when necessary.


Headin back over to the top menu, you will find further resources to help perfect your work.


By clicking ”Structure”, Slick Write will display your text in different colours, depending on its categorization and length. Small sentences appear in purple, medium length sentences are displayed in green, and longer sentences are shown in red.

Seeing your writing in such a way allows you to identify any sentences which are too long, and allows you to strategically place shorter sentences which carry more impact.


By selecting ”Stats” from the top menu, Slick Write will show you a number of useful statistics related to your content. A total word count is accompanied by an adverb counts, uncommon words, passive voice measurements, and much more.


Additionally, Slick Write allows you to edit your content without having to leave the website. By clicking ”Edit’‘ on the top menu, a simple, yet handy text editor will appear, allowing you to make any of the changes which Slick Write has suggested.


Configure Slick Write To Match Your Requirements

If you wish to configure some of the settings of Slick Write to suit your writing needs, you can head over to the top menu yet again and hit ”Configure”. The page which is then displayed allows you to review an extensive list of extra options which you can activate.

Using the configurations, you can ask Slick Write to notify you when you use particular words, bias language, slang and so on.


To make the entire process even easier, Slick Write offers users its services via a variety of platforms. As well as accessing the tool via their website, you can choose between Slick Write apps for Google Chrome, Firefox and even WordPress.

The Good and the Bad

Thanks to an array of features, Slick Write provides a unique, handy solution to all of your writing and editing needs.  In order to fully evaluate this helpful tool, we have listed its pros and cons below.


  • Slick Write offers grammatical critiques of your work on an extremely extensively level.
  • Spelling errors, grammatical flaws and stylistic mistakes are all picked up and highlighted to make editing a lot easier.
  • Colour coded structure illustrations help you to check the structural strength or weakness of your content.
  • There is a huge range of useful extras such as adverb counters, bias language filters and more.
  • Apps for Chrome, Firefox and WordPress offer a lot of functionality.
  • No need to sign up or divulge your email address.


  • Slick Write’s user interface could use a revamp. Although it comes across as professional, the overall design, paired with no user walk-through means it can be a little intimidating to the user initially.
  • The text editor is very basic. Some extra features to help with formatting would be very welcome.
  • Doesn’t have the ability to import text, word or pdf files, which would be an added bonus.


Overall, Slick Write really is an incredibly helpful online tool. By using it, you will quickly realise that even writing which has no apparent mistakes in terms of spelling or grammar, can still be improved vastly in terms of structure and style. In the past, improving your work to such a high standard was time-consuming, but thanks to Slick Write, that process is extremely simplified.

A myriad of additional options and features all help to bring your content to a higher standard, and with the help of Chrome, Firefox and WordPress apps, it’s difficult to fault the vast functionality and accessibility of Slick Write.

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