Gone are the days of using software to convert a file. Online conversions are the new trend in file converting – turn a Word document into a PDF file, turn a Flac file into an MP3, whatever you can think of, and you can’t get more options than CloudConvert.

This free-to-use converting site can convert a file in any given format into anything under the sun. The amazing number of file formats it can deal with (up to 133) ensures CloudConvert offers file conversions to fulfill any file conversion need.

If you convert files quite often and are looking for a faster way to convert them, CloudConvert is the go-to answer. Our guide will outline how to use this AIO service.

Online File Conversion Made Easy

Signing-up for CloudConvert

CloudConvert, created by Lunaweb in Germany, only recently released the beta version of their site, and it’s a completely free site for file conversion. Even though it is a free site, signing up is a good idea because it gives you access to 20 more conversions a day. Click “Sign up” in the top-right corner of the main page.


CloudConvert only allows 5 conversions a day by guests. Registered users meanwhile get 25 conversions a day and 5 concurrent conversions with a 1000 MB file size. This is much better when compared to non-registered users, who can only complete two concurrent conversions a day, and at a much smaller size – 100 MB.


After signing up, make sure to activate your account by clicking the link in your inbox.


Using CloudConvert

After completing the registration process, sign-in with your new credentials from the main page.


After logging in, you’ll be brought back to the main page of the site, where the widgets for uploading files are located.


When you click the “Select files” drop-down menu button, it will give you three upload location options – your hard drive by clicking “Select files,” and both your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts.

Frequent Drive and Dropbox users are sure to love this link-up.


After you select a file to upload, CloudConvert will walk you through the next few steps to complete a file conversion. Once you choose a file, CloudConvert will ask you to select the output format, a.k.a. converted format.


Next, click the arrow next to the “Select format” button to view the options that exist for that file. CloudConvert will only display the options available for that particular file.


What’s rather cool is that “Advanced options” for each format exists too. After selecting an output format, click the “Tool” icon next to the selected output format you selected.


A new box will appear showing you the options for editing the output file, such as adding a password, or if converting to a PDF file – the page range. And be sure to click “Okay” before exiting.


Don’t Wait For the Conversion

Another great feature of CloudConvert is the option of the service silently work on converting your file while do other things; meaning you can close the upload window and they’ll email it to you when it’s done. CloudConvert may be free, but speedy it is not, especially for larger file conversions.


After editing the output format, CloudConvert will ask how you want to receive the file – in your Dropbox, Google Drive account, or you can just wait right on the site, and when the conversion is completed, just grab it from there.


The option of having the file mailed to you in great because you don’t have to wait. However,for smaller files, it’s best to wait on the site as the conversion only takes a few seconds. When it’s done, you’ll be able to download the newly converted file asap.


When it’s done, click the green “Download” button to grab the file, or you can click the drop-down arrow to view more options. CloudConvert allows users to leave a feedback comment on each file they convert, as well as the option of converting the file again.


Test the Output of Converted Files

CloudConvert really does deliver on what it promises – to successfully convert a file format into another format, no hiccups found. It converts everything quite seamlessly, even those pesky MP3 files that used to take forever to convert. And if you love ebooks, the option to convert a PDF file into an ebook file, such as an azw3 file or a mobi file, is a very nice feature.


And the number of file formats offered by CloudConvert are astounding. They’ve divided the file formats into nine different categories – archive, audio, cad, document, ebook, image, presentation, spreadsheet and video, with a sub-menu under each.

Main Conversion Menu Options:



Sub Menu with options for Video File Conversion



CloudConvert is one of the easiest-to-use file converters you’ll ever use. You can even get it on your phone, it’s reliable and best of all it’s free. To be able to simply open a browser, go to their site and convert a file in mere seconds is priceless. While it can be a rather long wait on bigger files, anyone who’s not in an extreme rush will definitely appreciate this service.

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