The Internet is a wonderful resource of knowledge, but it can also be an extremely potent distraction. No matter how much self-control you may possess, there are times when you lose focus and end up wasting a ton of time on social networks and other non-productive sites. Morphine enables you to regulate the amount of time you spend on specific websites. You can choose the sites that are related to your work and enable them, while blocking all other distractions.

By limiting your time on websites which lead to procrastination, you will be able to use your time much more productively, and get more things done in less time. Although various other extensions allow you to completely block certain websites, this can often prove to be counter-productive, as you may wish to view a website when it’s essential.

Thankfully, Morphine allows you to block distracting websites, and then build up your ”balance” by spending times on more productive websites. You can then use your earned balance to browse websites of your choice for a set amount of time, which is dependent on how large your balance is.

Essentially,Morphine rewards you with leisurely browsing time for getting on with what you really should be doing.

Use Morphine To Enhance (Force) Productivity

To start using Morphine, head over to their official Google Chrome download page, and add the extension to your browser. After installation, you will be automatically taken to the setup page.

The setup page will allow you to configure which websites you wish to block, and set the amount of time in which you can earn a balance of minutes. After you have earned your balance by browsing un-blocked websites, Morphine will automatically save it all up, and allow you to put it to use whenever you visit blocked websites.


Being able to save up a balance is extremely handy and sets Morphine apart from other standard website blockers. Instead of completely blocking a URL from view, you are able to temporarily access it, depending on your balance. Using the options page, you can set the amount of balance you can accrue after an interval of every 10, 15 or 20 minutes.

For example, if you were to visit Facebook, a website which you have asked to be blocked, Morphine will present you with some options. Your balance will be displayed, and you may then click different buttons, each representing different amounts of minutes.


After you have selected a set amount of minutes from your balance, Morphine will take you to Facebook, or whichever website you were trying to access, and begin a countdown of your time via an icon besides your address bar.


After your time runs out, the page is terminated, and you will be presented with the balance options page yet again, where you may either decide to add more time from your balance, or leave the website in order to earn a higher balance.

The Good and The Bad

Morphine allows you to control your browsing sessions and increase your productivity in a very unique and rewarding way. In order to fully evaluate this helpful extension, we have listed its pros and cons below.


  • Morphine allows you to use your custom blocked sites whenever you want for as long as you want, providing that you have enough time within your balance.
  • You can set your own custom URLs to block, including subdomains and particular pages within a website. (This is a big plus as you can access to search but you can blog to avoid wasting time on a social network)
  • You can set the interval times and the amount of balance you can gain.
  • When visiting a blocked website, you can decide on how much time you wish to take from your balance. This helps you to manage your balance effectively as you work, instead of simply using it all at once.
  • The setup process is extremely quick and easy.


  • If you accidentally select too many credits to be allocated for you to view a website, there is no way to undo that action.
  • Additional options including the option to block websites completely for short or long periods of time would be handy.


To conclude, Morphine offers users a pretty interesting way of regulating their browsing. Time is too often wasted on unneccessary website visits, with social media being a prime suspect. But blocking these websites completely, with no quick way around the block, is usually an extreme measure, but also quite effective.

Morphine strikes a healthy balance, and allows you to browse blocked websites, but only if you have spent enough time doing something more productive. One thing is certain, Morphine makes browsing and even procrastinating a lot smarter.

Stay Productive with Morphine