Sending out branded emails says a lot about both you and your company in general. Presenting your logo and contact details in a professional manner in every email you send could do wonders for your business. Adding good looking signatures in a personal email isn’t a bad idea either.

Unfortunately, when it comes to sending emails via Gmail and other web-based services, including such extras neatly within each email you send can be a difficult and time-consuming task.

BrandMyMail offers an easy, suitable solution. Using this extension, you can quickly incorporate email templates, logos and personalized signatures which reflect the professionalism of your business.

Professional Looking Emails Made Easy

To start using BrandMyMail head over to their official Google Chrome download page, and add the extension to your browser. After installation is complete, you will be automatically redirected to BrandMyMail’s welcome page, which thank to you for installing their extension, and shows you the two steps needed in order to get it working.

To start the process, click ”Login to Google”.


You will then be asked to either select your preferred Google account or to sign in to your Google account securely.


Once you have successfully linked BrandMyMail to your Google account, you will once again be redirected to the welcome page, where you can click ”Visit Gmail”. On this page, you will now find an instructional video, which takes you through many of the processes needed in order to design and send a professional-looking email using BrandMyMail.


When you visit your Gmail, you will notice some new buttons located at the bottom of your email composition window. You will notice that the template activated by default is called ”Personal”. To start editing the template, click the edit button next to the drop-down menu, which will redirect you to the BrandMyMail website.



You will then be presented with a number of options, which will help you to build and design your email template. You can customize the layout, design and also incorporate plugins into your email, to make your emails more interactive for recipients. These tools are located on the right-hand side menu and can be quickly dragged and dropped into place within the email preview on the left-hand side.

Plugins include social buttons, PayPal buttons, additional text, images and so forth. Once you have completed your design, click ”Save”.


Once you have saved your template design, you will once again be redirected back to your Gmail account, where the template will be automatically updated and ready to use.

Create Beautiful Email Signatures

One of the great options BrandMyMail makes available to users, is the ability to create sleek, interactive and professional-looking signatures.

To insert a signature into your email, simply click on ”Signatures” on the right-hand side menu, and then click ”Signature”.


After you drag and drop the signature plugin into place, your name and avatar will be taken from your Google Account automatically. You may then click the small gear button located on the top right hand corner of the signature, where you are then given the option to add additional information, such as your company website, social media links, address, and so forth.


Amongst the options regarding your email signature, you can attach links to Google Maps, IM icons and so on. You can even add a personalized banner.


As with all edits to your BrandMyMail template, you can simply save the changes, which will automatically update the template when you revisit your Gmail account. Once you have everything as you want it your emails will look clean, elegant and professional.


Here are a couple more examples of the signature templates offered by BrandMyMail. You can check all the templates they have to offer here.


The Good and The Bad

BrandMyMail helps you to send polished emails via Gmail by enabling you to personalize and customize your email templates to no end. In order to fully evaluate this useful extension, we have listed its pros and cons below.


  • BrandMyMail allows you to add a personal, professional spin to all of your private or business related emails via modifiable templates.
  • A preview button within Gmail allows you to view your message with its template before sending it.
  • You can quickly and easily build different templates, and use the drop‐down menu which is also incorporated into Gmail.
  • Useful plugins can easily be added, including PayPal buttons, social media buttons, Twitter feeds, etc.
  • A neat, beautiful signature can be easily created, presenting a host of information about your and your company.
  • Works whether you’re using Gmail online or offline.


  • In order to create more than one template, you’ll need to sign up for a premium BrandMyMail account.
  • BrandMyMail can only be linked to one Gmail account at a time unless you upgrade to the premium package.


Overall, BrandMyMail offers a broad range of extensive features, plugins, and layouts, all of which can be quickly and easily incorporated into your email template. When it comes to business, It’s often difficult to get your entire message across in just one email. There are so many social media handles to promote, along with your website, and any other contact information you may wish to divulge.

Additionally, asking for donations, payment and displaying banners is usually an incredibly difficult task to display in one single email. This is mainly down to the fact that squeezing in so much content often makes the email look cluttered.

But BrandMyMail allows you to display such features and plugins neatly, and professionally. By modifying your email template, you can now create an email that advertises your credentials, your latest offers, and your contact details, in a way which is unique and above all, aesthetically pleasing.

Create Branded Emails with BrandMyMail