Aero was one of the most popular features to be introduced to the Windows OS. In Windows 8, Aero is still there although many users don’t realize it. Let’s take a look at how Aero works in Windows 8, along with how Aero8Tuner can enhance the Aero experience.

Aero features still work wonders in Windows 8 and 8.1, despite two of the key features – Flip 3D and Glass – being removed. Aero Peek, Shake, live previews and more still work in Windows 8, although you may have to turn them on to get the most out of them.

We’ll show you to use the Aero features in Windows 8 and 8.1, along with Aero8Tuner from the developers at WinAero to get more from your Windows theme.

How to Use Aero Features in Windows 8

There is a handful of Aero features left over in Windows 8 that require you to either enable them or simply use them like you used to.

Taskbar Previews


If you weren’t a fan of Aero in previous versions of Windows, you may have never known that this popular feature wasn’t actually part of the upgrade to Windows 8.

If you hover over any minimized window in the taskbar, you’ll see a live preview of it. If you’re playing a game or watching a movie, you’ll see the actions take place in this tiny preview window.

Aero Snap

Aero Snap is a bit buggy in Windows 8 on the desktop because of the way its built-in snap feature works when apps are open. If you’re not using apps, you can use Aero Snap to get desktop apps into place.

These shortcuts work to run Aero Snap in Windows 8:

  • Windows Key + Right Arrow: Move desktop app to right side of screen
  • Windows Key + Left Arrow: Move desktop app to left side of screen

When you use the above shortcuts to move a desktop app in Windows 8, it’ll open whatever app you are currently focused on at half its size on whichever side of the screen you choose.

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Aero Shake

Aero Shake was always one of those fun, odd features of the Aero family. It allows users to literally shake a desktop app to maximize it, while minimizing any other open apps. This still works in Windows 8 with desktop apps, although it’s still as clumsy as it was in the previous version of Windows.

Aero Peek

Peek allows a Windows 8 user to quickly see what’s going on with the desktop on their PC.


In Windows 8, however, you have to activate it to use it.

In order to activate Aero Peek, right-click anywhere on the taskbar and click “Properties.”


On the “Taskbar” tab of the Taskbar Properties, check the box next to “Use Peek to preview the desktop….” Make sure you click “Apply” and “OK” to save your changes.

In earlier versions of Windows, you could activate a button at the right-hand side of the taskbar to show the desktop. In Windows 8 and 8.1, if you hover over that same area, you can click on it to do the same thing now that you’ve activated the feature.

Using Aero8Tuner to Improve Aero Experience

Now that you’ve seen how Aero already works in Windows 8 and 8.1, let’s take a look at what Aero8Tuner can add to it.

Head to WinAero’s website and download Aero8Tuner.

You’ll need to unpack the archive, and then double-click the EXE to get started.

This is Aero8Tuner.


The Colors area lets you change the border color for all windows. Click on the “Main Color” to get started.


Choose any color and click “OK.”


Windows will immediately switch to the new color as soon as you select “Enable Window Colorization.”

The Parameters area lets you tinker with the color balance and contrast mode.



This can essentially give you back the Aero Glass feel with the right theme, color scheme, and contrast level.

The Behavior areas allow you to slow down animations in Windows 8 and 8.1 by holding the SHIFT key down.

Aero8Tuner gives you more control over how Aero works in Windows 8 and 8.1, and after some tinkering, you can get the best effect for your theme and color scheme on your computer.

If at any time you want to revert your settings or changes, click “Cancel.”  This will restore Aero8Tuner and your PC’s theme to default.  If you want to save your settings, ensure you click “Save” before exiting.  This will write the changes to your registry and you can revert the changes at any time by hitting “Cancel” again.


Windows 8 may be a big change for most PC users, but it can be fully customized to your liking. By taking the time to see how Aero works, picking a decent theme and customizing your PC, you can make Windows or 8.1 your own. Tools like Aero8Tuner help you control Windows 8 the way you want.

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