Facebook may have social networking down to a science, but it still is somewhat lacking on the photo management side of things, but there are other options. From allowing users to download complete photo albums to creating a backup of your Facebook photos in one fell swoop, Facebook Album & Photo Manager picks up where the basic photo manager in Facebook leaves off.

It’s not that the basic Facebook photo manager is that bad either, it’s just missing a few extras that could make our lives easier. FB Album & Photo Manager offers easier exploring, full album downloads, uploading to specific albums to specific albums; it even lets you explore your friend’s albums quicker than ever before.

Our guide will outline how to use the Facebook Album & Photo Manager app for Chrome.

Getting Started with Facebook Album & Photo Manager

After downloading Facebook Album & Photo Manager from the Chrome Web Store, it can be accessed via the App Launcher in the top-right corner of Chrome.


When you first open Facebook Album & Photo Manager, a new tab will open, asking you to connect with Facebook.


After clicking “Connect with Facebook,” a small dialog window will appear asking if it’s ok for the app to access your public profile on Facebook. Click “Okay.”


After granting the app access to your account, it will grab all of your Facebook photo albums and display them in miniature form.


How to Use Facebook Album & Photo Manager

One of the first things you’ll want to take note of when viewing your “My Albums” page are the links at the top of the window that link to both your album and your friends albums. You can also view every photo you’ve been tagged in by clicking the “My Tags” link.


When you click “Friends Albums,” a new page will load, showing all of your friends who have albums waiting to be explored. The “Friend Search” field at the top of the window is quite handy too for finding a friend’s albums quickly.


When you click a friend’s name, your friend’s albums will be displayed.


Click an album you want to view, and the photos in that album will load in miniature form once again to help the photos load quicker.


When you click on an individual photo in Facebook Photo & Album Editor, it will open in the middle of the screen and darken the rest of the screen to make viewing easier. There are also two icons at the bottom of each photo, one for special effects and the other for downloading the image.


Backup Your Facebook Albums

One of the most exciting things Facebook Album & Photo Manager can do is create a backup of your Facebook photo albums so you don’t have to download each photo one by one. To download an entire album, click an album you want to download, then click the green “Download Album” button at the top-right of the album. There’s also an “Upload Photos” link next to “Download Album,” that lets you upload a photo to a specific album.


When you click “Download Album,” a dialog window will load asking you to wait a few moments, and next you should see a zip file at the bottom of your window. Note how the name of the file is a generic name, not the actual name of the album. This is something to remember so you can rename it once it’s on your PC.


To open the downloaded album, just click the zip file in Chrome and a window will load for that album, where you can click “Photos” to view the entire contents of the album.


Adding Special Effects

When viewing a photo in Facebook Album & Photo Manager, you can also apply some basic but visually effective filters. To access them, click the landscape icon at the bottom of a photo that says “Make cool effects.”


The app offers 11 different filters to change the look of your photo, from Black and White and Negative to film grain. The effects options will load underneath your photo.


Start clicking filters you like from the scrollable list underneath the photo, and the photo will change with that effect instantly. To save a photo edited with a filter effect, you will have to either upload it to Facebook or download it first then send away, since “Save as” is not an available option.



While the Facebook Album & Photo Manager can download albums and photos, the has a couple of drawbacks – it doesn’t download high-quality versions, limiting the max size of photos to 4×6 and it also removes album names when downloading full albums, so definitely make note of what your uploading before you begin.

However though for photo album lovers who want a quick way to flip through their albums AND their friend’s albums online, Facebook Album & Photo Manager is the go-to solution.

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