There is no dearth of RSS reader apps in the Android Market. While there are quite few good ones already there, the perfect app for enjoying your daily dose of RSS feeds had been missing.

Google’s own app – Google Reader (Update – To be discontinued) – is a decent app for the purpose but can definitely improve on UI, offline support and move to SD. The app’s huge size is a deterrent for many Android phone users.

Feedly app is a perfect blend of beautiful interface and efficient reading that has been missing from other reader apps.

About Feedly App for Android :

Feedly has a simple yet smooth UI that is pleasantly easy to use and presents the feeds in a magazine-like format. As the feeds load, the first page shows the latest article with a big image, a headline and a small part of the article.

Feedly - Elegant UI for Feed Reading

Tap the screen to read the whole article or swipe to move to the next screen. Here the other articles in the feed are listed down. When the articles in the feed are over, the swipe takes you to the next feed.

You can move from a full article to the next full article by a horizontal swipe or read through the article by a vertical swipe. A bit annoying factor here is that both the swipes are equally sensitive and sometimes you just swipe it to the next article while you wish to read the same article.

The app supports sharing over Twitter and Email. The settings offer advanced options that can be set up for sharing through the app.

Feedly - Settings and App Behavior

Multiple settings that affect the app behavior and your app experience can be set here. Choose a light or dark theme, text size and other settings for the feed. A major plus is the support for Read-it Later, Instapaper as well as Twitter.

Feedly is a ‘learning’ app. As you use the app, it follows your reading pattern and generates a section of news items that can be important for you. These items compile your own personalized Essentials Section.


Feedly is an RSS reader that is an awesome blend of efficiency and elegance- and its still in Beta! Feedly 2.0 is optimized for tablets and can be the perfect reader for the regular readers.

There are a few missing features like – Facebook integration, Landscape support and the ability to follow, unfollow and favorite sources through the app. These and other features are planned in Feedly 3.0.

Download Feedly from Android market:

Start a barcode (QR code) scanner on your phone and scan the QR code below. This will take you directly to the Android market to download the app. If you do not have a QR Code scanner app, get one from this list of Top QR code scanner apps for Android.

Download Feedly From Android Market

Download from Android Market

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