imageAngry Birds is a very popular game on mobile devices on different platforms where the players can fling various “angry” wingless birds at various structures and the evil pigs in order to destroy them.

If you have missed out on playing this game, you can now play it online in your browser.

This game has been so popular that we were compelled to create a Windows 7 Angry Birds Theme and it was well liked by our readers.

In the Google I/O event (11th May ‘11) Google brought the game to Chrome to display how fast the browser has grown since its launch. It was a presentation to show how speedy Google Chrome really is and how fast it can render graphic in the browser.

While speaking at the event Google’s Senior Vice President Sundar Pichai said, “Angry Birds is rendered with either WebGL or Canvas 2D, both internal rendering features that speed up the graphics and makes the game look great.”

He added further that, “If the browser supports hardware acceleration, users can play the game in high-definition — like the experience on tablets and other mobile devices. It was a pretty smooth experience porting the game over from mobile devices to the web, which mainly uses Java.”

Angry Birds In Action in Google Chrome:

Angry Birds has now launched an online version of that game that can be played in any browser that supports OpenGL and Canvas 2D features. Currently along with Chrome, you can play this game in Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. Access the online version of Angry Birds from here.

The Chrome version is available as an app in the Chrome Web store, you can install it from here.  Chrome users also get exclusive levels that are only available for the browser version of the game, called the “chrome dimension.” An added advantage is being able to play this game offline, since its stored in Chrome browser cache.

Play Angry Birds Online

If the browser supports hardware acceleration, users can play the game in high-definition similar to the experience on tablets and other mobile devices.


The game ran flawlessly, except being a bit shaky when there was too much activity within the game. You can zoom in and out of the game by using the mouse scroll wheel just the way you can on your mobile device.

Angry Birds is fun to play on the mobile or in the browser. When the battery of your mobile device goes down, you can continue playing here and destroy the evil pigs one after other.

Check it out – Download Angry Birds Chrome App.