Update: AwayFind service is discontinued. Please refer the alternative services we have mention below.

Two years ago AwayFind was launched, and inboxes haven’t been the same since. Instead of checking your inbox several times a day, making sure you’re not missing anything time sensitive, this is no longer needed thanks to the email notifications sent from AwayFind.

You’ll agree when I say that some emails are more important than others,  may it be personal or work related. If you receive new bill/invoice notifications via your email, it makes sense to get notified about them as soon as they land in your inbox, to avoid service interruptions.

AwayFind will send you a text notification letting you know an important email is waiting to be read. It can also send customized automatic replies, helping you get back to everybody in a timely manner. If you’re the kind of person who gets burned out checking your inbox dozens of times a day, AwayFind is a service you will appreciate.

Our guide will outline how to use AwayFind, as well as a couple more comparable services.

Using AwayFind

To start using AwayFind, your first step is setting up your email address and phone number. You can do so directly on AwayFind’s website.


After registering your email address, it will ask you to verify your phone number so you can receive SMS messages to alert you to important emails. Enter the code and click “Verify.”


After you’ve verified your phone number, AwayFind will ask if you have an iPhone or Android and then ask you to reply “iPhone” or “Android” so they can send you the link to download the right app for your phone.

This app is pretty useful as it lets you view the full content of the e-mail, and not just 160 characters, which you can only view when using AwayFind on a basic cell phone. AwayFind is also compatible with iPads.


Prioritize Important Emails

After setting up your email address and phone number, your next step is setting up notifications; the heart of this app. To set them up, when you’re logged into your account go to “Manage alerts” at the top of the screen.


After clicking “Manage Alerts,” you will be brought to a page with dozens of fields to fill out to give AwayFind a better idea of the kind of email notifications you’d like to set up. One of the most popular is an alert from a specific e-mail address. This is in the “My most important people” section.


You can also set up alerts for topics you’re following by entering an exact word or phrase. This only works for the subject line.

Otherwise, you can use AwayFind to receive e-mail updates on important meetings. If you’re running late to a meeting, for example, receiving an alert that the meeting has been postponed by a half an hour can definitely save on the stress factor.


Also, make sure to include your bills in the high-priority list in order to avoid late fees. Other email notification methods available with AwayFind include voice call notifications and email notifications, ironically enough.

You can also customize when you receive SMS e-mail alerts. To customize when you receive them, click the “Customize” button at the bottom of the screen. When you go into the customize area, you can adjust the time of day and how frequently you receive alerts.


When setting up notifications, you can also specify which email addresses to ignore.


AwayFind Pricing

When it comes to pricing for AwayFind, it can range from free to a hefty business plan depending on what your needs are. AwayFind also offers well-structured pricing plans if you’re not a big company and don’t need a big plan.

They offer a Personal account that gives 100 alerts each month under one main email. They also offer their Pro plan for $14.99 and a Max plan for $49.99.


The good news is that you don’t have to pay a cent to try AwayFind. They offer a free trial for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, you can switch to their free plan, which is limited to 10 alerts per month.

AwayFind Alternatives


For another app that controls email clutter by organizing it into specific folders, check out OtherInbox, an alternative to AwayFind. It doesn’t offer text alerts for email notifications, but it does organize high priority emails into specific folders so you can only read specific emails when you’re ready to.

This app also lets you set up filters, automatic messages and unsubscribe from mailing lists. It has an “Organizer” and an “Unsubscriber” to help you organize incoming emails.

When signing up, keep in mind that the only email addresses allowed with this service are Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and iCloud.


Also, when logged into OtherInbox, you can click on “Senders” to set-up filters for incoming emails. The service will automatically detect sites you use often.


Download OtherInbox


For an email notification service that operates on the principle of auto-mail forwarding and offers SMS alerts just like AwayFind, WeekWill is the answer. This service will send you a text whenever you receive a high priority email.

What makes this service different than AwayFind is that it’s more cost effective and requires no Internet or 3G service to work on your phone. It’s also compatible with Outlook, Hotmail and other popular email providers. WeekWill sends a text alert within 30 seconds of an important email’s arrival to your inbox.


The only drawback to this service, however, is that no free plans are available. Their cheapest monthly plan is $6.00 a month.


Download WeekWill


It goes without question that AwayFind is one of the best apps created for managing email. This app is more than ideal for anyone who receives hundreds of emails a day. It increases productivity in a big way by eliminating needless checks of your inbox, which can be a great thing for the obsessive email-checkers of the world.

To learn how to create alerts and alarms for important emails, read our post – Create To-Do Alerts and Alarms from your e-mails with Snooze Your Email