Posterous Logo Posterous – The “Blog using your Email” blogging platform now lets its users register custom domain names for their posterous blogs. So now you can get a custom domain for your blogs. No more using “” – We can actually get a .com domain of our liking.

The other cool thing is they let you integrate your “new” blog with Google Apps. Its easy to set up your own personalized email boxes, calendars, and wikis using Google Apps.

Posterous makes it easy to setup your Custom Domain:

Posterous is a blogging platform that takes care of all technical aspects for you. All you do is blog. Simple!
Setting up domains with any service always seems to be a tad complicated. Posterous however makes it ultra easy  to set this up. In their own words:

“With our new domain purchasing feature, let us take care of the geeky details — all you have to do is choose your desired address and we’ll register your site and link it to your Posterous in just a few steps. After you’ve purchased your own domain, we also make it super easy to set up your own personalized email boxes, calendars, and wikis using Google Apps.”

Register custom domains on Posterous

I wonder if Techbytes is available.

VikiTechs Techbytes

I guess not, we will keep at it.

Pricing For Custom Domain names on Posterous:

The price for registering custom domains with Posterous are shown below.
$ 25 may seem a bit much for a years registration, but  remember that you do not have to worry about Web Hosting and all that messy business. Posterous manages all that headache for you.

Also from what I’ve seen they have a fantastic uptime record. Posterous uses as their ICANN registrars, which are a reliable name in this business.

1 year – $24.99/year
2 years – $19.99/year
(20% discount)
5 years – $15.99/year
(36% discount)
10 years – $12.99/year
(48% discount)

Additional Features
ID Theft Protection

So would you be willing to buy a custom domain for your Posterous. Do you think this would add more value to your Posterous blog? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.