Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the funny, entertaining and sometimes the downright bizarre world of Vine and Instagram. Users from all around the world post content which often goes viral across Facebook, Twitter, online forums, and so on.

It’s great to use the official Instagram and Vine apps to browse through such content, but it can also become a bit tiresome spending much anywhere near an hour of your time browsing Vine or Instagram via mobile devices. Desktops are simply easier for that particular job.

So, to bring you all the best content from both Vine and Instagram quickly and easily, here are two separate websites which allow you to watch Instagram and Vine Videos right from your desktop.

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Use Seenive to Watch Vine Videos


Seenive is a Vine web viewer, which allows you to browse the latest and greatest Vine uploads from your desktop browser.

The strongest advantage Seenive has over its rivals is its extensive organization of Vine videos. A recent featured Vine auto-plays on the home page, where you can also browse through the best Vines from the current day, week and month.

Additionally, lists of popular vines and top Viners exist on the home page, along with further pages offering Vine Channels, Editors Picks, Top 100 Viners and more.

Check Out Seenive

Use Vinstavids to Watch Instagram & Vine Videos


Vinstavids goes a step further, allowing you to watch a mixture of both Vine and Instagram videos all organized under one roof.

The interface of Vinstavids allows you to quickly scroll through a host of combined video content, from newest to oldest. There are also Channels ranging from Art to Stop Motion, helping you to find our favorite types of Vine or Instagram content. To narrow your searches even further, you can also use the handy search bar at the top of the page.

Vinstavids also invites you to send them your own videos, or videos you’ve seen from across the Vine or Instagram world. This is excellent for those looking to send their content viral.

Use Vinstavids to Watch Instagram and Vine Videos


If you want to kick back and enjoy the best and latest video uploads to Vine and Instagram, you won’t find any easier ways than Seenive and Vinstavid.

With the advantage of a dual library thanks to Vinstavids, and a hugely detailed categorization and organization system within Seenive, you’re unlikely to be bored of browsing through Instagram or Vine videos anytime soon.

What’s more is, both websites offer smooth video streaming, a good browsing interface and are also kept fairly up to date, so you can enjoy watching the most recent videos more conveniently than ever before. So, happy watching!