Ok, so you’re not going undercover like James Bond, but there may come a time when you need to erase, or at least minimize, your online presence. Whatever the reason, you can do it quickly and thoroughly using the web service –

We’ve covered similar services before, but this exciting service is incredibly direct, providing hundreds of direct links to where you can delete various accounts. Whether you want to delete your social media profiles or other types of online accounts, you can delete them all and fast using

With over 200 sites listed this resource can be very useful in checking if you should create a new account with a service. For Eg. deleting an account with Craigslist is hard, but if you create one with the URL Shortening service – it’s impossible to delete it. If you have this information before you sign up for a service – you can easily decide whether to use your real name or sign up for it at all.

Our guide will outline how to use the online profile erasing service,


To start using, no registration is needed, which makes it easy to start using the site. When you first visit the main page, you’ll find it’s easy-to-navigate and has a massive list of sites/boxes with the name of each site inside the box.

What makes so accessible are the direct links to delete an account embedded into each box. With so many companies making it more difficult to delete your profiles and accounts, having these direct links to the “kill” sections can save you from wasting time and from needless frustration.

To visit the link, all you need to do is click the color bar at the top of the box, and you will be brought to the delete page for the site, or the closest to it if that doesn’t exist.


Along with the title of the site and the link, a color-coded rating is specified to indicate how difficult it will be to delete that specific account. There are four rating levels – Green is “Easy,” yellow is “Medium,” red is “Hard” and black is “Impossible.”




Additional information regarding what needs to be done for full deletion is also added for certain sites, if it’s needed. As you peruse the boxes, you’ll sometimes see “Show info…” at the bottom of a box.

Otherwise,it will say, “No info available.”


Click on the link to learn the full details on how to delete your account.


Also, if you need to find a site quickly, has neatly alphabetized its list and added a “Search field” at the top of the main page to assist in finding the website you are looking for. To-date, has 254 sites listed.


If there’s a site you feel should be added to, they let you do just that too. Click the “Submit a site” link at the top of the main page to access the form to submit a site. After clicking the link, a new tab will open with the “Site Suggestion” form.


After completing the form, click the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page.

Conclusion is destined to become one of the most highly bookmarked websites. The ability to drop in and quickly find the link to delete an account has never been available until now. They also have a nifty Chrome extension that avid Chrome users will likely appreciate..

At the end of the day, sure, many of us can find these direct links, but never again will anyone have to waste more than a few moments to find the place to successfully delete an account, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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