Freemake’s Music Box was created to let its users stream unlimited free music legally. They describe it as a universal audio and streaming music player in one. A jukebox that plays back, finds and streams your favorite songs in real time. Over 42 Million audio tracks in the library! Absolutely free and legal.

After using it for a while, we think it has the potential to replace anyone’s default media player. The Music Box allows local playlists to be made for online music. Add any song you like to a playlist, including local music, and play it any time for free right from your desktop.

Think of Music Box like a local media player that can not only query local music, but can also stream online music on demand. Create playlists to separate the two or to combine them as if they were from the same source. A small YouTube video is displayed for the audio, some of which display lyrics. An interesting feature that stands out is the ability to automatically display a YouTube video for local music files.

We’re going to take a look at how Music Box can be used to search and add online music to your collection via playlists as well as how well it handles your local music collection.

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Free Music Box: Interface and Features

Search for Tracks and Albums in Music Box

Music Box has a clean user-interface,and the software is pretty easy to use. Once you download it, you can get started with listening to your favorite music right away.

You can download Free Music Box here.

Enter an artist or song name from the main search area found on the right. Suggestions will show similar to those you’d find on a Google search.


Beneath the search box is a refinement option for the search term. Select between individual tracks, albums, or artists with a similar name. Compare with this YouTube, where videos with similar names can populate, and you’ll find Freemake Music Box is much more precise.

Playing a whole album is as easy as clicking the play button to the left of the album name. The same can be said for individual tracks or whole artists (which will play every song by the artist, found in the rightmost filter called “artists”).

You can make a playlist instead of playing it right away. Do this by clicking the “Add album to playlist” button.


Create Playlists and Play Local Files

The playlist area is to the left of the search panel. Adding music to a playlist will first default to one without a name. So before we add Native as a playlist in this example, we’ll define a new playlist specifically for this.

Click the words “My playlist” for a drop down that includes a button titled “Create a playlist.” Click this to define a new playlist name. Save it by pressing Enter or clicking the small green checkmark.


Ensure the proper playlist is selected from the left pane, and then add songs/albums from the right pane. In our example, every track from this album will now be included in the playlist.


You can even add local music files of many formats to seamlessly combine with the streaming playlist using the “Add files” button. Included with this feature is the availability to add a whole local playlist. Remove any track by hovering over it and clicking “Delete track from playlist.” Control all the music playback like skipping, looping, scrubbing, shuffling, and pausing also from the left pane.

Some audio streams may not have lyrics or are of poor quality. Because there are usually more than one YouTube versions of a particular song, you can cycle through these at any time. Right-click the video and choose “Next version” to find a new audio stream.


While this works for audio streams, it also does a flawless job with local files. Right-click a local song and choose “Next version” for Music Box to search for a stream. As you can see in the image below, this is a local file that has no information attached to it but a file name. Music Box searched for an online stream and is displaying a YouTube video for it that has lyrics.


Current Features at a Glace

  • Free, Versatile, Legal: Free Music Box serves you as a standard audio player or streaming music app. It literally has access to unlimited music via YouTube, and hence the music can be streamed legally. The software helps you to search and organize this unlimited online music collection.
  • Streaming Music Player: Makes it convenient to find, filter and stream music in real-time.
  • Lightweight Audio Player: Play back any audio files of your media library. Loop, pause, fast-forward tracks. You can add files by drag and drop or simply search for them in the search bar!
  • Powerful Instant Search: Search for a specific song. Free Music Box delivers multiple music results for any taste! Use intelligent music suggestions and query auto-correction – just like Google instant search.
  • Playlists Organization: Build up and save playlists for future play back. Import your existing playlists from other music players: Winamp, AIMP, Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.
  • Music Filtration: Filter all your music findings by album, artist or song title. Easy Peasy!
  • ID3 Tags Support: Free Music Box looks up tags, album art and other song information automatically for you.

Planned Features

While the currently released version works well with its set of options, there are additional features yet to be released. Some of those look promising and include:

  • Playlist Syncing: With Music Box installed on additional computers on a network, you’ll be able to sync any newly added songs in a playlist with the other installs.
  • Mobile Sync: Access playlists on a mobile device with a personal account.
  • Android Version: An Android-specific Music Box player.
  • Top Charts: Discover new music hits directly in the player.


I can already say this is a freeware I’ll use a lot. Without even logging in to an online service or opening my browser at all, I can stream music for free and combine the tracks with my own local ones. The fact that local tracks can be used to pull online videos down for lyrics is probably my favorite feature and separates it from other similar software.

Download Free Music Box