Whether you’re a real estate agent or just a social person with hundreds of contacts, there is one must-have email app that will save a ton of time and frustration for you by automatically updating your Gmail address book for you, and it’s called

This 3rd party app will automatically update your Gmail contacts whenever it detects new information, and the way it does this is quite brilliant, scanning for contact information in the signature block within emails and other places, then updating your address book as needed. It’s not a perfect app, but its main features are impressive.

Our guide will outline how to use for keeping your Gmail contacts up-to-date.

Setting up WriteThat.Name

One of the most attractive features of is how it offers multiple accounts options depending on your needs. “Just Me” is for individuals and “Me & Team” is for businesses, which is a more powerful version of their service that can update CRM’s automatically.

They also offer two pay plans and one free plan for both individuals and businesses, depending on how many new contacts you’d like to add each year. Here are their plan options for their “Just me” services.


They also offer a one month “free trial” of their “Premium service” when you first sign up, which is a good way to see all of its features in action. The sign-up page for can be found directly on the main landing page.

Click the “Start for free on Gmail” link in the center of the page.

After clicking the “Start” link, will request your permission to access your Gmail account. Click the “Accept” button to allow it to view and update your address book.

Next, will load in the same tab, giving a simple explanation of how the service works with Gmail. It will also give you access to your Preferences/Dashboard area right away, so you can adjust how often you receive updates on contact changes.


When you click the “Preferences” link, this is what your Dashboard will look like, including an explanation of the 1-month free trial, upgrade links to their other pay services such as Flashback, a service that will look at your email account in the past six months and update your address book accordingly, as well as a link to the ever important “Settings” area, where you can specify if you’ll allow the app to update your contacts automatically.

You can also adjust when you’ll receive update notifications under “Settings” – daily, once a week or once a month.


How it Works

One of the most attractive features of WriteThat. name, other than how it works in the background and in the cloud so you don’t have to think about it, is how it does the boring work of automatically updating your address book in real-time when new details about your contacts are detected, for you. This is especially handy if you have the tendency to have incomplete contacts and duplicates.

Also, can operate two different ways – it can detect new contact information and add it right away or it can send you an email each day with proposed contact changes which you can either approve or disapprove.


It’s up to you how much control you want. These changes can be made in the “Settings” section of your Dashboard.


The way is able to update contact information is also quite smart. It thoroughly scans signature blocks in emails whenever you receive an email from a contact, updating all aspects of contact information.

It also pulls contact information from your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Before it makes these changes, you will receive an email from confirming the changes.

email-confirming-changes also fully syncs with CRM and on mobile phones with the Android platform.

Conclusion definitely stands up to the impressive reviews that abound online. While it would be nice if it could be used on all email platforms, not just Gmail, it’s still a well thought out app that will transform most people’s day-to day emailing.

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