We all know how to empty the Recycle Bin, but forgetting to do so may result in too much used up disk space. Why take the trouble to manually empty the Recycle Bin when you can do it on a schedule?

A small program called Empty Recycle Bin allows the Bin to be emptied of its contents upon launching the file. There’s also a small command that can be paired with the program to empty the Recycle Bin without asking any questions or confirmations.

We’ll go through the necessary steps for settings this software up with Task Scheduler so we can empty the Recycle Bin on a schedule. This will ensure it’s emptied every day, thus constantly cleaning up useless space occupied by already trashed items.

How to Clear the Recycle Bin Automatically

Download the Empty Recycle Bin ZIP file here and extract the contents somewhere recognizable.

Open “Task Scheduler” from the Start menu and create a new task from the file menu under “Action > Create Task.”


Name the task something identifiable and then choose the “Triggers” tab at the top.


Press “New” from this tab and then select “Daily” from the left side. Choose a date and time for when to run the Empty Recycle Bin task for the fist time. The task will repeat every day at the specified time.

You may also choose an option under the “Repeat task every” section to run the task every hour, but this is unnecessary for most people.

Using the same settings you can program the Task Scheduler to run once a week at a specified time.


Continue on be clicking “OK” and then selecting the “Actions” tab. Add a new action and ensure “Start a program” is selected for the action type. Click “Browse” to find the EmptyRecycleBin.exe file that was downloaded.

Next to the “Add arguments” section, enter the value “/Q” to ensure any prompts are suppressed while running the operation.


Press “OK” twice more to finish out of the open windows. The task should now be listed under the “Task Scheduler Library” in the main menu of Task Scheduler.

You can run this task outside of the defined time by right-clicking it and choosing “Run.”



It’s a handy tip to empty the Recycle Bin to clear up space on a drive. Many people will throw tons of things in the Recycle Bin but never empty it. You can easily correct this by setting up an automatic task to do it for you.

Download EmptyRecycleBin