Your computer can do a lot more than just send emails, surf the web and run your favorite programs. That’s right, it can also help you lose weight and stay fit. From following the best weight loss gurus on social media to brilliant weight loss apps for your browser, turning to the PC to lose weight has never been a better idea.

It’s all about two methods – either plugging into a supportive community or using one of the smart services or apps that are available – to find the help you need to do your weight loss bidding. Our guide will outline how to lose weight and get the body you’ve dreamed of using your computer.

Tips to Lose Weight and Stay Fit

Follow Dietitians on Social Media and Web

Daily advice from real experts on what to eat is always a great idea when trying to lose weight, and there are thousands of experienced dietitians to follow on Twitter and Facebook, depending on the kind of weight loss advice you’re looking for.

From dietitians that give menu planning advice to plant-based dietitians, all types of dietitians can be found on social media, helping give you the daily support you need to adhere to your diet. A few of the most popular dietitians on Twitter include @PlantDietitian, @MeuDietitian and @TodaysDietitian.


WeFollow is a popular directory listing influential Twitter experts from a particular field. They have created a list of renowned dieticians. You can check it out here.

Start a Weight Loss Blog to Stay Motivated

If you’re not a very private person and the thought of sharing your weight loss journey online sits ok with you, blogging about your weight loss each day can be a great way to stay on the right diet-track. Not only is it cathartic to share your experiences with others, it also makes you more accountable for your weight loss since family and friends are likely to follow your blog.

Also, having your followers cheer you on as you get closer to your goal can help tremendously. Blogging your weight loss journey has been a proven successful method, and there are also several weight loss communities that offer free blogging templates.

FitClick and ExtraPounds are two popular choices.


Weight Loss Apps

Incredibly smart weight loss apps can also be used on your computer, such as Lose It!, a popular mobile app that is also available for Chrome. This app helps you lose weight by creating a personalised weight loss plan, which includes tracking your food and exercise to stay on top of your calorie intake. It also helps you stay motivated by giving you achievement badges.


Get Lose It! for Chrome

Join a Weight Management Site

If you’re feeling alone when it comes to your weight loss, one of the best ways you can use your PC to help is by logging into one of the dozens of highly rated weight loss communities online. These help you lose weight by offering meal plans, fitness ideas, community support; everything you need to lose weight, and the best part – most of these are free.

There are often upgraded plans available that offer more features on some of these sites, but they’re usually not necessary. One of the most popular weight loss sites is SparkPeople, a site that offers food and fitness trackers to help you stay motivated throughout the day, articles and videos, as well as an active community.

Other popular weight loss communities include, and


Create an Email Support Group

If you have friends and co-workers who are also losing weight, a great way to stick to your diet is to create an e-mail support group. This only works if everyone in the group emails one another daily to check in and give one another moral support, but it can work. The daily support popping up in your inbox can do wonders, especially among friends.

Here are instructions on how to create a “Contact Group” using Gmail.

Weight Loss Software

Weight loss software is another awesome way to get all of the help, knowledge and menu assistance you need to lose weight. CalorieKing, NutriNote and DietMaster2100 are some of the most well-reviewed titles and offer everything you need to lose weight – basic diet management help, general nutrition information, massive food information databases, printable graphs and charts, as well as food and exercise diaries.

Weight loss software, such as Nutrinote, also offers more unique features like an animated food diary and a food diary analysis.


You can also use Microsoft’s Bing Health & Fitness Apps on Windows 8 to stay true to your goals and make sure you are on the right track with the correct information.


The computer is without question one of the best free weight loss tools out there. All it takes is perseverance on your part to input your food and fitness totals each day and to check in with your support communities to make it work. With a little dedication, you too can add your weight loss to the millions and counting total that millions have been able to make happen, all thanks to a little help from their PCs.

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