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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to avoid anyone from looking into one of your hard drive partitions? Wondered if there was a way to make one or more of your drive partitions disappear?

Sometimes it is necessary to protect some files, folders or even hard drive partitions if more than one users have access to a computer. This is especially true if you have a common family computer or access a public computer. Even if someone is not logged on as the administrator, all drives are visible in a guest account.

Hide My Disk is a simple freeware application for Windows Operating System that can be used to hide one or more hard disk partitions on your computer with push of a button. You need only to select hard disk(s) letter you wish to hide from prying eyes and click a button to hide it.

The latest version states that it is compatible with Windows XP/Vista and 7. You cannot hide the system drive (drive in which you have installed Windows OS). The commercial version gives the options to password protect hidden drives for improved privacy.

Hiding a disk is a important activity that should be possible only for Administrators to execute, hence you need to give this program admin access. If you are not the Admin, it displays an error and asks to run it as administrator.

If you are the Administrator, you can right click on the program shortcut and click on “Run as Administrator”. If you want to give it permanent access then just right click on the program shortcut, and click on Properties.

Enable Admin Access - Go to Properties

In the properties window, click on compatibility tab and enable “Run As Administrator” option and click Apply as shown below.

Enable Run as Administrator

Hide My Disk 1.5 Interface and working:

Once you give this program admin access it checks if it have the required privileges and starts up.

Checking for Admin Previledes before starting up

On the main window you can see the available drives on your computer. You can select any drive you want to hide from the list and click on the hide button. Once the drive is hidden you can close the program. If you go to My Computer you would see the hidden drive is no longer visible.

Hide My Disk Interface

The program shows a confirmation prompt that tells you the disk was hidden.

Disk Successfully hidden

Whenever you want to access the disk again, just run the program and unhide the disk. You need to select the hidden drive from the dropdown and click on Unhide button.

Drive successfully Unhidden

There are no options to configure, just start the program and tell it which drive you want to hide. It sometimes throws an error message about permission being denied, but even with the error message it performs its function properly.

Download Hide My Disk:

The developer says “Easy and secure, Hide my Disk employs a unique (EBOF-BEOF) technology that does not require installing drivers or services, unlike other similar software.”

The program can be downloaded from the developers website.