Microsoft Office LogoMicrosoft Office 2010 beta is currently available for download and would expire in October 2010. However, if you are interested in Free version of Office 2010, you can get Full Version of Microsoft Office 2010 for free via the “The Office Excitement Kit” website.

With the launch of every new product Microsoft introduces special deals to advertise it new products. The Office Excitement Kit is one such offer.

Message on the Excitement kit website:

What’s all the buzz around Office 2010?
The powerful, new features in Microsoft® Office 2010 give you the best productivity experience across the PC, phone, and browser. Complete at least three training courses on Office 2010 to get a free copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2010!

Requirements for Registering a Free copy:

The announcement was made on the Microsoft Partner Team blog and it says: Test your knowledge and receive a free copy of Microsoft® Office Professional 2010!

Here’s how Complete at least three training courses by visiting the Microsoft Partner University today. Once you have completed your training, please visit to register. (Offers are no longer valid)

MS Office users who are interested in this offer, should hurry, as the availability of free Office 2010 licenses is limited.

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