Ever since Twitter debuted in 2006, there has been one gripe many users have shared regarding their direct message policies – you can’t send or receive a direct message from someone unless you’re both mutually following one another.

This set-in-stone rule may have protected followers from unneeded spam, as well as stayed true to Twitter’s well-known community-enriching ideals, but they’ve finally loosened the noose on this rule. Users can change their settings to allow direct messages from any Twitter user, as long as they’re following you of course.

Our guide will outline how to allow direct messages from any Twitter user.

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Enabling the New Direct Message Feature

Login to Twitter > Go to Settings

Enabling this new liberal-minded direct message feature is easy to do, and it really should be done if you’re using your Twitter account for marketing or communicating with others for the first time. Journalists will love this setting, as it will allow them to be more reachable, but watch out, you will undoubtedly receive more spam.

To enable it, first login to your Twitter account, then go to the “Gear icon” at the top of the page to view the drop-down menu for your account. Click the arrow next to the “Gear icon,” then select “Settings” from the menu.


Enable “Receive Direct Messages from Any Follower” Option

Once arriving at the main page for your account, stay on the “Account page.”


Next, scroll down to the section with the header, “Content.” In this section, go to the third option, “Messages,” and find the checkbox next to “Receive direct messages from any follower” and click that box.


After selecting the receive direct messages box, scroll down and click the blue button, “Save changes.”


After clicking, you’re all set. You can now receive messages from anyone who follows you.


It’s great seeing Twitter finally add more are sub-options to their policies. Not every user is going to be the same, and this is especially true when it comes to preferred privacy settings for direct messages.

But before you enable this new feature, make sure you’re absolutely sure you’re comfortable with receiving messages from anyone and making your profile more public.

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