Gtalk guru's profileGoogle Labs is a research and development area the search engine created to test new applications and let users have the first chance to test them out. Google Engineers are on the standby to read user feedback, tweak applications and even scrap them to start all over again.  Gmail, iGoogle and other features you currently use were once part of the Google Labs design.

The Google Talk Guru is one such Google Lab creation that is in the testing phases. Anyone can visit the Google Labs to test out the Google Talk Guru and other new innovations the company is working on. While not everything that Google Labs tests out makes the cut, it is fun to try out the new innovations and see what they are cooking up.

What is Google Talk Guru?

Google Talk Guru is a “friend” you add to your friend’s list. Once added, you can talk to it like you would any other friend from your messenger contacts. There are certain things the Guru can do for you. This includes checking the weather, doing calculator equations, currency conversion, give you definitions, translate phrases and even search Google for you all from the chat window.

Guru is there to make things simpler for you to find when you do not want to open your web browser or need answers quickly. Like many chat bots before it, Guru offers up information at your fingertips.

guru online

How to add Google Talk Guru to your friend’s list:

The first step to using Google Talk Guru is adding it to your friend’s list. You can do this in two ways. You can add it directly from the Guru Google Labs page. There is a link at the bottom of the page that will let you add it. Click the link “Sign in and invite myself to chat with Guru,” this will log you into your primary Google Talk account and an invitation to add the Guru will be present.

invite guru to chat 2

You can also add the Google Talk Guru by sending a chat invite through your client. The address to use is Guru can be added to any client that supports the Google Talk client. Simply follow the chat invite instructions for your particular client to starting testing Google Talk Guru out.

invite guru to chat

Click Yes and it will pop online for you to begin using.

accepting guru's friend invite

How to use Google Talk Guru:

The Google Talk Guru can be used with a variety of commands that let it know what type of information you are looking for. Since this is a work in progress, sometimes phrases will not work or will not give you the correct information. Do not get discouraged using the Guru if this is the case. Let us take a look at some examples of how to use the Google Talk Guru.

If you are looking for the weather, you would type in “weather los angeles.” You use the weather command followed by a city. Guru will not respond to state, zip code or any other identifiable location marker.

weather guru

For sports scores, you would type in “score Padres.” You use the score command followed by the name of your sport’s team. You do not need to include the league or location of the team.

To do a calculator equation, you would type in “100 + 2.” This works for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and percentages so far. You just type in the equation and hit enter.

calculator guru

For a definition, you would type in “define humanity.” You want to use the define command followed by the word you want a definition for.

define guru

If you wanted to translate a phrase, you would type in “translate comment puis-je aller aux toilettes from French to English.” Translate is the primary command to use this feature. You want to include the phase, then the language it is in followed by the language you want it translated into.

translate guru

To search Google, you would type “web TechNorms.” This would pull up the first related search term, in this case, our blog VikiTech. Using the web command followed by your search terms is how to get the first result from Google’s search engine.

guru web

Can Google Talk Guru replace searching for answers?

Since Google Talk Guru is a work in progress and being tested by users, it does not always work the way it is supposed to. For example, when trying to use the sport’s score function, I could not get any current sports team scores to show up. I tried MLB’s San Diego Padres, the NHL’s Boston Bruins and the NBA’s Miami Heat. Baseball is currently in season, and the Bruins and Heat are playing in championship series’ at the moment. In order to get those scores, I would have had to visit a sports web site to get the latest scores in that moment. Since Guru is being tested, it is bound to have glitches that will force you to look up information the old-fashioned way.

score guru

Conclusion – Is Google Talk Guru worth chatting with?

Just like any software or application in a testing phase, tinkering around with Google Talk Guru can be entertaining and useful when it works. While it may not work all the time, if you like to see what Google is up to and would find searching from your chat box to be more convenient, Guru is worth adding to your friend’s list and utilizing. It makes a lot of sense to keep him in your contact list if you use Google Talk often.

Google Talk Guru can make some things easier, such as a simple equation without opening up the calculator or finding the definition to a word without pulling up a dictionary. If you add Google Talk Guru, you can check it out, give feedback to Google and perhaps see its functionality improve into something much more than it is in its current testing state.

Have you used any kind of automated chat bots before? If you have, how was your experience with them? Will you use the Google Talk Guru? Let us know in the comments section below.

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