Wish you could listen to the same music and playlists across all your computers? Stop manually copying your music files between your devices, and instead keep them synced in the background. With a click of just a few buttons, your entire iTunes folder can stay up-to-date with changes you make on any of your computers. This can be easily achieved by using BitTorrent Sync to keep every iTunes media file synced between any number of computers.

If you like to use iTunes for listening to music, the last thing you want is for different music to play when you switch between PCs. Or maybe your friend, who lives many miles away, would like access to your music files. Give him all your files minutes after you have them when you both sync your iTunes folder with BitTorrent Sync.

Because there are no file size limits, nor any restrictions on the number of files you can transfer, BitTorrent Sync is a great method for copying all your media files. We’ll take a look at what it takes to sync two iTunes folders, but remember the process can be repeated to apply to any number of computers.

Sync iTunes Media Folders Using BitTorrent Sync

Start by installing BitTorrent Sync, which you can get here. Launch the program and choose “Add a Sync Folder” from the main tab.


In the new prompt, browse for the iTunes library that should be included. Select the entire “iTunes” folder. The iTunes media files will most usually be in the “Music” library folder. If you know music is stored elsewhere, select that particular folder.

The rest of us will choose “%UserProfile%\My Music\iTunes.”


BitTorrent Sync will only be able to transmit the data of the iTunes folder to other computers if they have the secret key. The secret key is generated from the prompt you see below. Just choose “Generate” to create a unique string of alpha-numeric characters. If anyone were to get a hold of this key and use your iTunes files, simply generate a new one.


BitTorrent Sync will index the files it finds in the iTunes folder.


We’ll start up BitTorrent Sync on the other computers while this is running. It may take some time if you have a ton of files.

From the same “Folders” tab on another computer, browse for the iTunes folder like above. However, instead of generating a new secret key, paste the one from above.


Don’t fret if you didn’t copy the secret key. Copy it again by right-clicking the iTunes folder path in BitTorrent Sync and choosing “Copy secret.”


Every music file, downloaded app, and other files in the iTunes folder will now stay synced between the computers. Check what’s currently being copied from the “Transfers” tab.

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Note that changes will not be reflected until the iTunes program is closed and re-opened. For example, if I were to change the name of a song on my desktop computer, it’s immediately shown to take place in that install. However, for the computers that are syncing with the desktop, their iTunes programs must shut down and then re-launch to notice such a change.


Syncing iTunes libraries is an easy method of getting all your music on any computer that has BitTorrent Sync. But not only that, any iOS app you’ve purchased will also sync.