Flipboard has been out for the iPhone for quite some time, though it was recently released for Windows 8.1 as well. The design of Windows 8 makes viewing articles with Flipboard fantastic.

Add content categories like news, politics, or food and combine these stories with your own by logging into Twitter and Facebook. Navigation is wonderful if you’re using a tablet with Windows 8.1 installed, but we’ll look at just how nice it can be for a desktop version, too.

How to Install and Start Using Flipboard

Start by getting Flipboard for Windows here.

Choose the “FLIP” tab on the cover screen to start using Flipboard in Windows 8. If you’ve already used it before, choose “Already have an account.”


Select different categories you’re interested in like photography, travel, and others. Select as many as you want. These will be what Flipboard uses to display content to you. You can always remove some or add more later.

Then choose “Next” to the right of the tiles.


There are two login options – use either Facebook or a regular login with an email address. The verification email will need to be accessed to confirm your account.

Sign up for Flipboard Using Facebook account or an email address.

Using Flipboard in Windows 8.1

The categories you’ve selected will appear as large tiles, in which clicking them will show all the items they contain. You can even add your own Twitter and Facebook feeds (if you included them like we did above) to combine them with your other content. Just click “Twitter” or “Facebook” to sign in. When in Twitter, you can even favorite, retweet, etc. without leaving Flipboard.


Flip to other tiles by either swiping with your finger if you’re on a tablet or scrolling your mouse wheel up and down to move left and right.

Select the search icon at the top right to find words in your Flipboard pieces, like so:


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Find new content by choosing “Discover” on the home screen.Subscribe to any publication by opening the menu in Windows, which is sliding upward on a tablet or right-clicking on a desktop. Any new content that’s added will appear on the pages of your Flipboard.


Pin any section you’ve subscribed to right on the Windows start screen for easy viewing. On a tablet, swipe up to open the menu or right-click on a desktop. Select “Pin to Start” to activate this feature.


Now you can open content directly to a particular category via a tile from the Windows start screen.


Flipboard also supports the Snap View or Split Screen multi-tasking mode in Windows 8.1, which let you use the app on one side of the screen while having another app open in another part of the screen. This is highly useful feature which will allow users to view content while working on other stuff.

Here a video showing the working of Flipboard

Final Thoughts

If you’re a fan of Flipboard already, the Windows 8 app will surely boost your enthusiasm. If you haven’t tried Flipboard before, add some standard categories and see just how easy it is to consume and find your topics that interest you.

Download Flipboard for Windows